How Automation Eases Multi-Cloud Management (Video)

Multi-cloud environments call for automation. Hybrid environments can introduce a layer of complexity and integrating automation technologies helps IT administrators more easily manage multiple clouds and infrastructures.

It’s time for IT pros to migrate away from monolithic servers and embrace modern microservice servers that deliver new levels of elasticity, agility and scalability and open the door to automation.

For IT admins and application developers, however, the question is: how do you maintain consistent connectivity across your infrastructure with these modern architectures?

The answer: A10’s Harmony Controller solution.

Harmony Controller delivers centralized management and analytics across A10’s secure application services. It integrates with A10 Thunder ADC and A10 Lightning ADC, providing analytics, automation and hybrid cloud management – critical functions for enterprise and service provider customers.

Organizations are moving toward multi-service and multi-scale deployments to manage their modern-day cloud applications with the ability to automate IT.

In this video, Tom Guerrette, A10 Director and Cloud Solutions Architect, walks through how you can achieve IT automation in your multi-cloud environment.

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