Announcing the Ultimate DDoS How-to-Guide For Cyber Warriors

The rise of distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks sees no slowdown in the near future. In fact, just a few days ago “DDoS attacks got turned up to 11 with memcrashed, an internet assault that can slam a website with over a terabyte of bad traffic,” according to a ZDNet article.

Fortunately, you can continue to hone in on the most common DDoS attack types in order to better understand them, and get access to new methods to help prevent future attacks and better prepare. From the guys who wrote the book on DDoS, A10 Networks Rich Groves, director of research and development, and Eric Chou, principal engineer for DDoS solutions, have partnered with O’Reilly Media to author a complete guide on detection and mitigation strategies to help lessen the impact of DDoS attacks.

In this book, Rich and Eric break down DDoS into easily digestible sections, covering the following topics:

  • The most common DDoS attack types, motivation, and sources
  • Guidelines for evaluating cloud mitigation providers
  • How to construct DDoS detection tools and countermeasures for mitigation
  • How to design DDoS-focused threat intelligence

Visit our website here to learn more and download your own digital copy today. Enhance your cyber warrior skills!