Welcome to A10 Networks Training Program. We believe that education is essential for maximizing the benefits of our products. Our training program is designed to enable users by increasing their productivity, creating a happier and more engaged community.

To achieve this, we provide a combination of instructor-led lectures and hands on activities. Each student receives an independent training lab environment. These courses are focused on configuration and management of key features of our products.


Training Courses

Sys Admin Training CourseThe SysAdmin 2.7 Course and SysAdmin 4.1 Course instruct Network Operators and System Administrators for deploying A10 ACOS devices in data center environments in preparation for additional application-oriented implementation. Provides the necessary foundation for teams continuing onto ACOS application courses.

ADC Training CourseThe ADC 2.7 Course and ADC 4.1 Course instruct Application Engineers, Development Operations, and Architects on implementing common Application Delivery Control scenarios for A10 ACOS deployments in data center environments.

CGN Training CourseThe CGN 2.8 Course instructs Network Operations, Development Operations, Application Engineers, Network Security, and Architects on implementing IPv6 migration and Carrier Grade NAT scenarios for A10 ACOS deployments in service provider and data center environments.

Threat Protection Training CourseThe TPS 3.1 Course instructs Network Operations, Development Operations, Network Security, and Architects on implementing an effective threat protection system for A10 ACOS deployments in data center environment.

After each course, there is a content specific accreditation exam.

Training Credits & Pricing

**All A10 Training services are priced in Training Credits:

  • Valid for 6 months from invoice date.
  • Training Credit listed price per region:
  North America Europe & Africa Middle East Latin America China Asia Pacific Japan

Training Credit Price








Open Enrollment Sessions

  • Same price for online and live class at A10 headquarters.
  • Visit the Schedule tab to see upcoming open enrollment classes per region.
Course TRAINING CREDITS (per person)


20 training credits


20 training credits


10 training credits


10 training credits

Private Sessions

  • Prices Vary depending on duration, delivery method, travel, and if additional content development is needed. Contact to accurately scope price & agenda.
  • Private classes can support up to 15 students.
  1 Day 2 Days 3 Days 4 Days 5 Days

Customer Site

200 training credits

250 training credits

300 training credits

350 training credits

400 training credits

Online / Webex

80 training credits

150 training credits

210 training credits

260 training credits

300 training credits

A10 Headquarters

80 training credits

150 training credits

210 training credits

260 training credits

300 training credits

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A10 Networks delivers instructor led training classes globally.
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A10 Accredited Specialist

Accreditation Program

In 2016, A10 Networks will retire the Certification Program and release a new Accreditation Program.

Each technical course has a supporting Accreditation exam. Successful candidates will receive Achieve Accredited Specialist Status for each exam:

A10 Accreditation logos

  • SysAdmin 2.7 Accredited Specialist
  • ADC 2.7 Accredited Specialist
  • TPS 3.1 Accredited Specialist
  • CGN 2.8 Accredited Specialist

Some New features of the Accreditation Program:

  • These online exams can be taken from any computer with internet connectivity.
  • 3 year expiration from completion date.
  • New certificate personalized & automatically generated for successful candidates.

To Attempt the Accreditation Exams:

  • Candidates that have purchased & completed the technical training course will get 2 complimentary attempts.
  • Candidates will also be able to purchase exam attempts independent of the training courses.

Upgrading from Certification program to the Accreditation program:

  • Starting 2016 we will offer A10 Certified Engineers (CE/CADE) six month to upgrade to the Accreditation program. Current Certified Engineers will receive 2 free attempts for both the SysAdmin and ADC Accreditation exams.
  • Successful candidates will be upgraded to the Accreditation program. Unsuccessful candidates can attempt the Accreditation by purchasing attempts or attending the training classes.

Training Policies

Updated: 1/21/2016

For questions about the policies, please email

Scheduling and Registering
Scheduling and registration can only be confirmed after receipt of Purchase Order or prepayment.

Training Credit Expiration
Training credits and individual training SKUs automatically expire if not used within six months of the PO or payment date. All previously paid funds associated with expired training credits are forfeited.

Student Cancelling and Rescheduling Instructor-led Training (ILT) and Virtual Instructor-led Training (VILT) Enrollment
A10 Networks must receive cancellation or rescheduling requests for an ILT or VILT class at least seven days before the class start date. Training credits (and the associated funds) are forfeited for classes cancelled without the required prior notification.

Corporate Cancelling and Rescheduling Private Onsite Courses
A10 Networks must receive cancellation or rescheduling requests for private onsite courses at least 14 days before the class start date. Training credits (and the associated funds) are forfeited for onsite classes cancelled without the required prior notification.

A10 Networks Cancelling and Rescheduling Courses
A10 Networks is occasionally required to cancel or reschedule a course. A10 Networks will notify all affected parties at least seven calendar days before the scheduled start date when a course is cancelled or rescheduled and consult with students to arrange a mutually beneficial replacement.

Training Materials Copyright
Student training materials are copyrighted A10 Networks property and may not be duplicated or distributed. A10 Networks does not permit audio or video recording of course delivery.

Customized Private Class
A10 Networks offer customized courses to present material not available in standard courses or to satisfy a client requirement for non-standard content or logistics (location outside of North America). Customized training is available only through a private engagement as defined by a statement of work between A10 Networks and the contracting organization.

Accreditation Exam Attempt Expiration
Students are allotted three months to pass Accreditation Exams. Unused examination attempts expire three months after the Accreditation Exam registration date.

Active LMS user account policy
Students that register for A10 training are assigned a user account that accesses the A10 Learning Management System (LMS). Each account remains active for three months after the course completion date. Deactivating an account only prevents the user from accessing the LMS; user data persists after an account is deactivated.

A user account is re-activated when the student registers for additional A10 training. A student can also reactivate an LMS user account by contacting

Training Lab Usage Policy
Each student is assigned a training pod for performing the course session lab exercises. Pods are available each day of the session, from 30 minutes before the scheduled start time until one hour after class ends.