SAN JOSE, Calif. – October 16, 2018 – A10 Networks (NYSE: ATEN), a leading provider of intelligent and automated cybersecurity solutions, today announced availability of an advanced solution for Service Providers to deliver more profitable DDoS scrubbing services to their enterprise customers with the A10 Thunder Threat Protection System (Thunder TPS®). The new solution reduces TCO via advanced intelligent automation capabilities, continuous machine learning, and greater scale than competing solutions.

The solution empowers a wide range of service providers to better serve and protect their enterprise customers at scale and increase revenue by delivering highly profitable scrubbing services with differentiated faster mitigation times, lower operating costs, and service delivery options tailored to different business needs. The result is a solution ideal for mobile, internet, cloud, hosting and managed service providers.

A10 provides the advanced intelligent automation capabilities, powered by machine learning, to enable proactive and precise DDoS defenses throughout the entire protection lifecycle. Operators define the networks to be protected and A10 powered defenses do the rest. A10’s solution provides granularity at scale to accurately profile and monitor over 100,000 servers and services, distributed over thousands of networks, while enabling up to 3,000 simultaneous attack mitigations.

The new service provider solution adds key functionality to enhance A10’s Thunder TPS intelligent automation capabilities. Available now, highlights include:

  • Automated Service Discovery – Protected IP and service discovery to eliminate cumbersome manual provisioning required by traditional solutions.
  • Dynamic Attack Pattern Recognition (DAPR) – Automatic attack learning, to identify and thwart zero-day attacks.
  • Always-on adaptive learning – Continuous machine learning provides real-time adaptive traffic learning versus peacetime, operator-initiated learning.

“Traditional DDoS protection systems lack the advanced automation and large scale of A10’s Thunder TPS solution,” said Lee Chen, Founder and CEO of A10 Networks. “As a result, costly and complex horizontal scaling of numerous appliances is required by service providers. Without truly intelligent automation, running a complex security operation center can be prohibitively expensive, and difficult to staff due to the skill shortage of trained security professionals. The Thunder TPS solution addresses these challenges for operators.”

“The ability to automate and scale the delivery of differentiated services could have a major impact on the quality and economics of DDoS scrubbing services. A10’s innovations are significant advancements,” commented Bart van der Sloot, Managing Director of Leaseweb Network, a leading global provider of Cloud, Web Hosting and DDoS defense services.

“All types of service providers are well-positioned to drive revenue growth by delivering value-added DDoS defense services to their business customers,” said Jeff Wilson, Senior Research Director at IHS Markit. “These services require DDoS multi-tenant solutions that automate protection and tiered service levels. A10’s latest solutions will help service providers offer these services profitably and at scale.”

Additional benefits service providers see from deploying A10 Thunder TPS include:

  • Better Detection – One-DDoS Protection provides a unique approach to full-spectrum DDoS defense, placing detection capabilities within targeted infrastructure, including Thunder TPS, ADC, CGN and CFW solutions. This provides advanced context, flow and packet level visibility to stop today’s most sophisticated targeted attacks.
  • Unmatched Scalability – Delivers 22 times the flow-based detection capacity and 15 times as many simultaneous active mitigations as traditional systems.
  • Automated Wartime Protection – Improved attack response times with proactive, intelligent automation featuring five levels of programmatic mitigation escalation and de-escalation. Removing the need for frontline personnel to make time-consuming manual changes.
  • Reduced Security OPEX – Delivers high performance in a compact factor with lower power usage, rack space and cooling requirements. Also, aGalaxy TPS streamlines operations via centralized management, remediation, and analytics for Thunder TPS deployments.

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