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Decrypting SSL to Uncover Hidden Threats

In this SSL Decryption Webinar, we will address the reality of today’s data security challenges and how Amerinet and A10 Networks can help your organization defend against a wide spectrum of cyber-attacks.
Decrypting SSL to Uncover Hidden Threats
Encryption is creating a blind spot in your network. Roughly 91% of network traffic is encrypted and most security devices can’t inspect it.
The statistics are unsettling:
  1. 45% of attacks use encryption in 2019.
  2. Gartner predicts that over 70% of malware campaigns in 2020 will use some type of encryption
  3. In the U.S. a data breach costs a company on average $8.19 million.
  4. Firewalls suffer up to an 80% performance hit when used for decryption and can only decrypt for themselves.
Learn how A10 Networks’ SSLi solutions enable you to:
  1. Decrypt traffic across all ports.
  2. Ensure compliancy and privacy using selective decryption.
  3. Simplify operations and management using wizard-based configuration, deployment and management tools.
  4. Reduce operational costs by implementing a centralized point of enterprise traffic decryption.
  5. The value of having a dedicated SSLi appliance to secure traffic for data centers.
  6. The power of rich analytics for Secure App Services.
Let A10 Networks and Amerinet help your organization’s data remain secure against the most sophisticated and stealthy threats.