Office 365 poses a unique challenge when each individual user creates dozens of long-lived, persistent connections from their multiple devices. And sends massive amounts of data to their enterprise Office tenant resulting in significant strain on existing infrastructure.


Office 365 introduces many new scalability, performance and security challenges for which existing enterprise infrastructure was neither designed nor sized for.

Performance degradation

Office 365 traffic vastly differs from the way traditional web traffic behaves. Increase in traffic and sessions adversely impact performance of existing proxies and firewalls resulting in user experience deterioration and scalability challenges

Expensive to scale

Scaling horizontally to accommodate Office 365 traffic can be very costly. NAT exhaustion* and routing for ExpressRoute** also needs consideration during Office 365 rollout   *Source     **Source    

Security and compliance needs

With respect to current threat landscape, SSL visibility is not a choice but a necessity for both security and compliance reasons. This resource intensive task can result in up to 80% performance* drop in existing security infrastructure   *Source      


A10 Thunder solutions consolidate many network functions such as load balancing, traffic steering, advanced NAT functionality, security capabilities and many more. With their dedicated SSL hardware and broad feature set, A10 solutions can dramatically increase shelf life of existing infrastructure by helping them offload resource intensive SSL decryption and by acting as a throttle for other intensive networking functions.

Intelligent traffic steering and Load balancing

Intelligent traffic steering and effective load balancing helps leverage the full potential of ExpressRoute as well as additional uplinks and existing proxies to efficiently utilize all the available resources.

Advanced NAT capabilities

Advance NAT capabilities allow oversubscription by tearing down idle connections and by enforcing port quotas. It also offers public IP stickiness by using the same IP for all connections coming from the same client.

Bidirectional SSL visibility and tenant access control

SSL insight® (SSLi®) helps scale security infrastructure by utilizing decrypt zone - decrypt once and inspect multiple times. Tenant access control is achieved by performing a real-time header insertion to prevent access to personal accounts.

creating a better office 365 experience

Internet Initiative of Japan’s (IIJ) solution for Office 365 uses A10’s cloud proxy solution to help achieve lighter operating loads and balanced proxy loads by automatically managing communications path to Office 365.  

featured products for enterprises

Available in a wide range of form factors, A10 delivers physical and virtual solutions to meet most enterprise`s needs


Thunder Converged Firewall (CFW)


Thunder SSLi (SSL Insight)