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TurkNet Achieves High Performance, Reliability, Stability

An interview with Mustafa Uçar, Chief Technology Officer at Tuknet about the successful deployment of A10 Networks solutions.

AI Transcription:

So thank you very much for your time and hospitality. We would like to ask a couple of questions about A10 Networks and the project we have done together. Could you please introduce your company please?

Turknet was founded in 1996 to deliver data and telephone services as well as valued services to corporate and wholesale customers.

Turknet is now Turkey’s one of the most powerful independent next generation telecom operate providing access, fixed telephony, private virtual network, data center, cloud computing services to meet the communication needs of residential and enterprise customers in the telecom sector in Turkey.

In 2016, Turknet launched digital marketing strategy with a new generation web and call center sales method and close dealer shops in the residential market and now significantly lower the cost.

As a result, Turknet started to offer Internet service to all customers without any commitment contract and without quota providing the highest speed possible in their location.

We have now more than 600,000 subscribers as well as thousands of corporate customers and corporate lines of enterprise and wholesale business unit and is growing each day.

How did your path cross with A10 Networks?

We have met A10 Networks in 2012 for the deployment of CGNAT products.

We have completed proof of concept tests of A10 Thunder Series CGNAT products and we were very satisfied with success of POC tests of these products. A10 Thunder CGN proactively solves IPv4 address exhaustion issues to overcome the challenge associated with the rapid increase of IP address demands for intent-connected devices while our subscriber base increases, we still use the CGNAT products and we are very happy with high performance of these products as well as stability and reliable factors of it.

How and when did Turknet’s decision to invest in A10 solutions unfold?

We had to purchase DDoS solution that would be positioned at the main IP transit locations of TurkNet.

At that time we won a public tender and even had no enough time to deploy. We completed again all acceptance test and integration with the DDOS detection solution that we chose together with A10 Turkey team.

We have deployed within days this solution and integrated into TurkNet DDoS infrastructure. Thanks to Turkey sales and SE Teams. Kursat, Polat, Sinan, Barbaros for their cooperations and fast deployment.

What was the criteria used to select the companies for cooperate as outlined with the scope of the planned investment?

Most important criteria is on time delivery and deployment. A10 teams made very good job job with their responsiveness and agility. The other important criteria are stability, reliability and scalability of their products.

Again, we are very satisfied with DDoS solution with their high performance and stability.

What do you think are the products and or features that make A10 stand out in the industry?

A10 Network is engaged in the development of on-premises and cloud-native DOS protection, network traffic management, and cybersecurity solutions for cloud providers, web-scale businesses, service providers, government organizations, and enterprises.

I believe A10 Networks will be very successful with their always secure and always available vision to deliver business critical applications for multi-cloud transformation as well as 5G readiness in the short and medium term.