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Hybrid Cloud Application Delivery in Financial Services

How Firms are Addressing the Requirements of Digital Transformation, Security and Compliance

Financial services organizations are undergoing rapid digital transformation to meet changing customer needs and preferences, and to compete with a new generation of digital-native competitors. Hybrid cloud environments play a key role in this strategy, allowing greater speed, flexibility, and visibility over application delivery than on-premises data centers while reducing costs.

But the move to hybrid cloud introduces new challenges as well. As they plot their strategy for transformation, firms must:

  • Make critical technical decisions about their application delivery in a hybrid cloud and form
    factors best suited to host their hybrid cloud environment
  • Secure web applications against threats including ransomware, data theft, and DDoS attacks through measures such as a DDoS protection and the Zero Trust model
  • Maintain regulatory compliance, governance, and auditability around their application delivery
    across complex, fast-evolving infrastructures

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