Gennady Dosovitsky
May 13, 2020

About Gennady Dosovitsky

Gennady Dosovitsky is a Principal Solutions Architect at A10 Networks covering A10 product line for SP market focusing on A10 5G Security and DDoS protection solutions. Gennady is seasoned professional with many years of domain experience, Prior to A10, he worked for 3Com, P-Cube, Cisco, F5 focusing on deep packet inspection (DPI), application recognition, access control and bandwidth management policing, subscriber awareness and identity, monitoring, reporting, application performance measurement and assurance, prevention of threats and malicious traffic, optimization of the data traffic.

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May 13, 2020

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Service providers, including fixed and mobile operators, are currently under pressure to supply unprecedented mobile network capacity as mobile data traffic surges and subscribers consume more and more traffic of all different kinds. As operators prepare for and launch 5G networks, they must scale 5G security and other infrastructure to meet these escalating requirements. Growing…