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The role of the PSIRT team is to timely receive, assess and assist in handling vulnerabilities regarding A10 Networks’ products.

for A10 customers

If you have an urgent matter concerning production systems, contact support.

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Security Advisories

How to report a product vulnerability

A10 values submission of vulnerabilities by independent researchers and third parties.

In order to process them in the most expedient way possible, follow these steps:

  1. Provide as much information as possible upfront and send an email to psirt@a10networks.com. If you feel the need to protect the information you can encrypt the information with our PGP key.
  2. Please ensure the report is as complete as possible and explains the specific setup and how was the vulnerability triggered.
  3. Also, if possible, it would be highly appreciated if you can submit “show tech” from that device or virtual appliance. If not, please provide “show version” or the version information about the software and hardware platform (unless it is a virtual machine).

Report Vulnerability

If you are an A10 customer, please, do not use this method of submission open a support case instead.