DDoS Threat Intelligence Service

Threat Intelligence Service combines and enhances reputation data from over three dozen security intelligence sources to instantly recognize and block traffic from known DDoS weapons. Rather than waiting to react to the next attack, take a proactive approach with threat intelligence.


DDoS Attacks Use Globally Distributed Weapons

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are growing in frequency, intensity and sophistication, but their delivery methods are unchanged. Infected internet bots and vulnerable servers continue to create attacks of crushing scale against unprepared targets. These bots and servers are the weapons used repeatedly in multiple DDoS attacks. A global distribution of these internet zombies and exposed servers, easily exploitable as reflected amplifiers, sits idle, waiting to be called into action.

What is DDoS Threat Intelligence?

Security researchers accumulate threat intelligence from tens of millions of internet compute hosts that are vulnerable and exploited as DDoS attack weapons. DDoS threat intelligence is the information gleaned from the repeated use of attacking agents combined with the knowledge of vulnerable IP addresses and hosts. This information provides security researchers the ability to proactively improve DDoS defenses.

What are DDoS Attack Agents?

Cybercriminals leverage internet zombies and exposed servers as DDoS attack weapons. The global distribution of these weapons sits at the ready, waiting to be called into action. Unlike traditional security-attack strategies that use stealth and obfuscation to avoid detection, DDoS attacks are loud and easily identified.

DDoS Threat Inteligence service benefits

Reduce Network Complexity

Prevent downtime with a proactive approach to DDoS defenses that applies current and up-to-date threat intelligence.

Improve Network Traffic

Included with Thunder TPS is DDoS Threat Intelligence from over 60 security intelligence sources, powered by ThreatStop and made actionable by A10 Networks.

Increase Network Security

Reduce your response time with known DDoS weapons including vulnerable amplification reflectors and internet bots.


Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS)

Distributed Denial of Service Attacks have emerged as one of the most effective, yet least understood Cybersecurity threats today.

  • The lack of open dialog deepens the confusion and helps the attacks to succeed.
  • This book reveals the hard-earned lessons drawn from the authors' years of engagements in DDoS detection and mitigation – from hyper-scale cloud providers to boutique shops.
  • Protect your clouds NOW.

DDoS Threat Intelligence Map

DDoS Threat Intelligence includes tens of millions of internet bots that may be used as weapons. The challenge is converting the voluminous amount of threat intelligence into an actionable defense strategy. Visualize the global landscape of DDoS weapons in real-time and build a DDoS defense using A10 Networks Threat Intelligence service.

Case Study

Layer 3 creates new revenue stream wich innovative on-demans DDoS preventation service

Layer 3 was seeking a cost-effective way to offer DDoS protection as a service. Layer 3’s clients required on-demand DDoS prevention they could spin up during crucial timeframes without the restrictions of annual licenses or the burden of continual charges.

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How do I get Threat Intelligence?

Existing Thunder TPS

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