A10's Application Delivery Controllers integrate with VMware vSphere, Horizon View, vCenter, VMotion

VMware delivers solutions for business infrastructure virtualization that enable IT organizations to energize businesses of all sizes. A10 Networks features a comprehensive range of integrations and solutions for  and AX Series Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs)

Key focus areas are virtual machine (VM) acceleration, integration with VM management software and mobility support by enabling connectivity to VMs throughout a global network of datacenters.

See VMware's Partner Product Catalog entry on the Thunder Series.

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VMware vSphere



VMware vSphere virtual machines off-load compute and network intensive tasks to the Thunder and AX Series ADC

  • Optimizes, load balances and accelerates the virtualized network
  • Fulfills functionality not native to virtualization server software
  • Off-loads network and application processing to the load balancer
  • Reduces number of virtual machines required
  • Reduces number of physical servers required
  • Faster application performance for the end user
  • Result: Reduce VM Sprawl and better user experience

VMware Horizon View (formerly VMware View)

VMware Horizon View virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) advanced server load balancing solution on A10 Thunder and AX Series ADC

  • Reduce infrastructure cost and improve the desktop-like user experience
  • Decrease network latency, enhances network performance and improves productivity of remote users
  • High availability (HA) ensures unavailable servers are automatically removed from the pool
  • Reduce additional VDI back-end hardware expense by offloading SSL processing from the VMware Horizon servers
  • Scalability ensures user load is shared among multiple servers evenly and allows the transparent addition of additional back-end servers as needed
  • Enhanced security, for example DDoS protection, rate limiting protection and other security features are included at no extra cost

pdfVMware View 5.0 and Horizon View 6.0 Deployment Guide

VMware vCenter

VMware vCenter and aXAPI integrate for dynamic and elastic allocation of resources

  • Infrastructure reacts to network conditions dynamically
  • Example: automatically provision or de-provision servers based on demand
  • vCenter uses aXAPI to change Thunder/AX load balancer policies as needed
  • Events are triggered by application server thresholds, e.g.
    • CPU utilization
    • Memory usage
  • Enables immediate responses to network conditions
  • Eliminates manual errors
  • Result: Automating tasks while scaling up or down as needed

pdfVMware vCenter Dynamic Provisioning Deployment Guide

VMware VMotion

VMware VMotion can move machines between data centers. These VM changes are detected by the AX Series Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) solution whereby traffic is then directed to the available servers.

  • VMware VMotion moves the virtual machines between hosts in different datacenters
  • GSLB detects when servers are either available or unavailable
  • GSLB routes traffic to available servers
  • Result: Datacenter failover and machine mobility