A10 and Pulse Secure provide a scalable, reliable and secure solution for remote access

Pulse Secure, LLC is a leading provider of access and mobile security solutions to both enterprises and service providers. Enterprises from every vertical and of all sizes utilize the company’s Pulse virtual private network (VPN), network access control and mobile security products to enable end user mobility securely and seamlessly in their organizations. Pulse Secure’s mission is to enable open, integrated enterprise system solutions that empower business productivity through seamless mobility.

Building on the heritage of Juniper’s Junos Pulse SSL VPN technology, Pulse Connect Secure provides device-independent secure remote access from any web-enabled device anytime and anywhere. Pulse Connect Secure’s industry-leading SSL VPN solution delivers end-user connectivity while granularly controlling access to network resources for compliance.

Together A10 and Pulse Secure provide a scalable, reliable and secure solution for remote access. Using Pulse Connect Secure and A10 Thunder Application Delivery Controller (ADC), joint customers can load balance multiple SSL VPN gateways, maximize uptime, and offer session persistence based on client source IP address to ensure optimal and uninterrupted user access.

New and existing Pulse Secure SSL VPN deployments alike can benefit from Thunder ADC features, including configurable health monitors, flexible load balancing, and high availability. Hardware-based DDoS protection detects and drops unfriendly TCP traffic while allowing legitimate user traffic to the Pulse Secure gateways. High availability eliminates service interruption and GSLB provides additional flexibility and ease of use, enabling a single user to access multiple sites, regardless of location, while transparently directing the user to the best site based on site health, user location, and other configurable metrics.

Thunder ADC server load balancing capabilities allow Pulse Secure deployments to scale in support of today's mobile workforce. Tomorrow's ever increasing numbers of users, running increasingly bandwidth intensive applications continue to enjoy fast, reliable secured access without the need to manage and utilize multiple URLs.

Adding Thunder ADC to Pulse Secure SSL VPN deployments provide the following benefits:

  • Higher Scalability – enterprises can provide secure remote access to a very high number of employees, load balancing them among multiple Pulse Secure appliances in parallel.
  • High Availability – secured remote access remains available even if a Pulse Secure appliance goes offline.
  • Enhanced Security – Thunder ADC protects Pulse Secure deployments from DDoS attacks

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