The Infoblox and A10 partnership provides a complete solution to enable IPv6 migration while ensuring users can still retrieve IPv4-only content

Infoblox is the market leader in network automation and control which allows real-time network discovery and visibility, scalability, device configuration and policy implementation.

The Infoblox and A10 partnership provides a complete solution to enable IPv6 migration while ensuring users can still retrieve IPv4-only content and connect to other IPv4 resources as needed. By choosing A10 and Infoblox, customers are assured of a tested and certified solution from proven technology leaders.

A10 Networks and Infoblox offer a comprehensive and jointly tested solution to provide a high-performance NAT64 gateway and a DNS64 service, a solution that has already been deployed by enterprises and service providers. The solution is enhanced by each company's extra features, which allow enhanced security, operation with a reduced number of appliances, and scalability.

A10's Thunder and AX Series ADC's key DNS64 and NAT64 enhancements include:

  • NAT64 support to allow IPv6-only clients to communicate with IPv4-only resources
  • DNS64/NAT64 infrastructure health checks to ensure availability
  • DNS Server Load Balancing
  • DNS Application Firewall
  • Additional IPv6 Migration and IPv4 Preservation technologies

Infoblox DNS Server provides full DNS64 capabilities:

  • DNS64 support: "synthesized" AAAA records to direct traffic to the NAT64 gateway
  • Single-box IPv6 and/or IPv4 DNS server
  • Intuitive GUI versus BIND
  • Centralized DNS management with Grid Master
  • Scalability: one Infoblox Grid Master may have 250 DNS Grid Members (DNS Servers)

pdfInfoblox DNS64 and NAT64 Deployment Guide

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