Blue Coat Systems

Blue Coat Systems CacheFlow appliances provide a high-performance caching solution that enables service providers to manage the drastic increase in network traffic and rapid subscriber growth.

Utilizing highly effective Web caching technology, CacheFlow appliances save bandwidth on expensive international links and backhaul traffic, while improving the end-user Web experience.

To maximize the efficiency of the CacheFlow devices, the A10 Thunder and AX Series Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs) can balance the traffic flows for Blue Coat CacheFlow appliances.

By using A10 ADCs to load balance a pool of Blue Coat CacheFlow, the following key advantages are achieved:

  • Significant bandwidth reduction and improved HTTP throughput over time.
  • Seamless distribution of cache request traffic across multiple Blue Coat CacheFlow appliances for site availability and scalability
  • Improved site performance and reliability to subscribers by deploying DDoS mitigation features

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