Use A10's load balancers to balance a pool of Apache HTTP web servers

Apache is the world's most widely used and most popular web application server, surpassing 100 million web sites.

Apache powers web applications from small to large enterprise businesses. Apache HTTP web servers can run on multiple variants of Linux, Unix and Windows platforms. Using A10's Thunder Series or AX devices to load balance a pool of Apache HTTP web servers, the following key advantages are achieved:

  • High availability for Apache HTTP web servers to prevent web site failure, with no adverse impact on user access to applications
  • Seamless distribution of client traffic across multiple Apache HTTP web servers for site scalability
  • Higher connection counts, faster end user responsiveness, and reduced Apache HTTP web server CPU utilization by initiating SSL Offload, HTTP Compression, RAM Caching and Connection Reuse
  • Improved site performance and reliability to end users

pdfApache Web Server 2.2 Deployment Guide

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