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The Internet of Things (IoT) is the weapon of choice for distributed denial of service (DDoS) attackers. Nefarious actors exploit millions of vulnerable, persistent IoT devices to create sophisticated malware-based DDoS botnets and use them to initiate devastating availability attacks. Legacy defenses are overwhelmed by the scale, sophistication and breath of attacks generated by the DDoS of Things (DoT). DDoS resilience requires fresh new approaches.


New challenges that will crumble legacy defenses

Breath of Attacks

Legacy defenses are built to defend against thousands not millions of coordinated attacking IoT agents

Global Threat

Legacy defenses can’t handle the geographically distributed IoT devices that include real IP, weak security and fully functional Linux network stack that are easily exploited by attackers

Persistently Vulnerable

IoT malware developers don’t have to hide from antivirus or continuous software updates while exploiting Linux-based IoT devices. IoT presents a sprawling canvas for malware innovations

We’re tracking the rapid expansion of IoT botnets, and the continued use of UDP reflection attacks. DDoS a problem that keeps growing in size and strength, and the number of attacks on businesses is nearly double that of a year ago. Denial of Service attacks aren’t limited to certain company types anymore – and we predict 2018 will be the year every company realizes they could be a target.”


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A10 Thunder TPS DDoS defense solutions detect and mitigate multi-vector DDoS attacks at the network edge and in centralized scrubbing centers. Thunder TPS scales to defend against the DDoS of Things and traditional zombie botnets. Unlike outdated DDoS products, Thunder TPS is built on A10’s market-proven Advanced Core Operating System (ACOS®) - the platform that delivers scalable form factors and cost structures that makes economic sense with a complete detection, mitigation and reporting solution.

1. Surgical Precision

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When it comes to DDoS defenses, the focus should always be on the protecting availability for legitimate users. Legacy defenses that focus on infrastructure protection leave wakes of collateral damage for users. Thunder TPS tracks more than 27 behavioral traffic indicators to surgically protect users and thwart attacking IoT DDoS bots.



2. Match Performance Against Braun

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The geographic breadth of IoT-based attacks can overwhelm legacy defenses. Powered by A10’s ACOS, Thunder TPS tracks users’ and attacking agents’ behavior at internet scale with up to 128 million concurrent sessions.

3. Actionable DDoS Threat Intelligence

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The IoT DDoS threat continues to grow. A10 DDoS Threat Intelligence service provides accurate and timely intelligence that includes millions of known DDoS botnets (e.g. Mirai, Reaper) and open servers used for reflection attacks (e.g. DNS). Thunder TPS supports Class-lists that scale up to 96 million entries to make the threat feed actionable to stop DDoS attacks in their tracks.



4. Affordable Scaling

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We lead the industry with the highest performance solutions for flow-based detection (1 million flows per second) and mitigation up to 300 Gbps in a single appliance. Thunder TPS also delivers more performance across more form factors than legacy vendors – 2 Gbps -152 Gbps in one RU – to offer DDoS defense that makes economic sense for companies of any size.

Blog by Andrew Hickey

Should You Fear the Reaper?

The newly discovered Reaper IoT botnet is poised to swing its sickle. With A10's power and performance, you don't have to fear the Reaper.  

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Available in a wide range of form factors, A10 delivers on-premises and cloud-based DDoS defense solutions for the most challenging environments.

DDoS detection and mitigation

Thunder TPS

Management and Reporting


Cloud DDoS Scrubbing

DDoS Protection Cloud

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