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Multi-Cloud Solution

Centrally Managed Load Balancing, Integrated Security and Traffic Analytics for Applications deployed across Data Centers and Clouds


Deploying applications in a datacenter and two public clouds is a norm now. Advance load balancing, application security and insights into traffic are most important aspects of application delivery. Having different application delivery infrastructure in different environments is an operational challenge.

Unify application delivery policies and automation across clouds

The idea behind including a cloud environment into the application deployment strategy is to bring simplicity to operations and agility to delivery. From the cloud independence point of view all the organizations are adopting more than two deployment environments. It is observed that burden on the operations team increases with adoption of each cloud environment.

This happens because each cloud comes with its own tools. The teams don’t only need to go through a learning curve but also must develop and maintain automation for each environment. Additionally, they get the task of mapping required policies as per implementation of each cloud environment. As the application grows bigger the task grows exponentially.

On top of this, if a multi-layered deployment architecture is used in public cloud, challenges described on public cloud solution page also apply.

Your Corporate Defenses Need Dedicated SSL/TLS Inspection

Modern cyber threats are invisible to legacy security solutions

  • Modern-day cyber attackers are increasingly using the cover of encryption to avoid being detected
  • A typical enterprise has multiple security solutions, each requiring its own decryption
  • These solutions may experience, on average, over 60 percent performance degradation due to decryption, creating bottlenecks
  • Scaling such solutions without dedicated decryption can become complicated, increasing the overall costs and severely reducing ROI

Non-compliance can lead to heavy fines and revenue loss

  • In certain verticals, including medical and finance, adherence to privacy standards such as HIPAA, PCI is mandatory
  • Companies not compliant with GDPR, a mandatory set of regulations that enforce strict data protection policies, can face hefty penalties in case of data breaches
  • Decryption and security solutions can also be required to have Hardware Security Modules (HSM) installed, which enable secure and tamper-proof storage of encryption keys.
  • Non-compliance can lead to heavy fines and, in some cases, to lawsuits that damage an organization’s brand

Operationalizing decryption solutions can be challenging

  • Some decryption solutions are too complex to use and end up spending their life on a storage shelf
  • On-box management solutions may claim to be “easy,” but are inefficient and require specially-trained operators
  • Disconnected, local management solutions fail to enforce uniform policies across the organization, leading to security and compliance loopholes
  • Without centralized, actionable insights, organization-wide visibility cannot be maintained

Exposing Hidden Threats

Find out why your organization needs dedicated SSL/TLS inspection.


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