Unified Hybrid Cloud Secure Load Balancing at Scale

A10 Networks Application Delivery Solution with vThunder® ADC and A10 Networks Harmony® Controller now available in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace for customers deploying applications in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. The advanced application delivery and load balancing solution provides Oracle Cloud customers with highly available, accelerated, and secure load balancing capabilities combined with centralized management and analytics for their applications.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) combines the elasticity and scalability of a public cloud with the granular control, security and predictability of an on-premises deployment to deliver high-performance, high availability and cost-effective infrastructure services. Leveraging A10 vThunder and Harmony Controller on Oracle Cloud ensures predictable high-performance, agility and peace of mind for your business.

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Why Customers Choose A10 Networks


Flexible cloud consumption integration: Pay-As-You-Go, SaaS, Bring-Your-Own-License and A10 Flexpool.

Integrated OCI application workload automation

Integrated OCI application workload automation and auto scaling for better capacity management.

Empowered Layer 7 attack protection with deep analytics and DDoS mitigation.

Centralized visibility and analytics

Centralized visibility and analytics across Data Center and OCI deployment.

Optimize the Network for Database Scalability and Security in OCI

Efficiently supporting database scalability and data replication is essential for applications running in dispersed datacenters and multi-cloud environments. vThunder load balancing and Harmony Controller help

  • Automate the globally distributed applications and database maintenance without disruptions
  • Dynamically improves data replication over on premises and OCI for business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Centralize comprehensive application analytics and database security

Automate Multi-Cloud Secure Mesh for Oracle Kubernetes Container Workloads

Our Multi-Cloud Secure Service Mesh protects east-west traffic and transparently encrypt traffic between Microservices without requiring changes to those applications. The result is a higher level of security and performance for Microservices-based applications.

  • Improves traffic management and simplify operations
  • Increases security using traffic micro-segmentation and isolation of Microservices from one another
  • Automatically encrypts traffic between Microservices across nodes
  • Offloads service discovery from individual Microservices to central load balancer

Products for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

A10 Networks offers security, high availability, and performance capabilities for
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

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