Service Providers

Accelerate, secure and optimize application delivery to drive down your costs, enhance service availability and quickly respond to dynamic market requirements.

Delivered via hardware, software or cloud-natively, A10 Networks secure application services improve customer satisfaction, monetize your networks and grow revenues.

Designed for Service Providers

Service Provider Challenges

How can the cloud make us more agile and help get high-value services to customers faster?
The A10 Solution

Leverage A10’s agile, cloud-based application delivery models to increase revenue and quickly roll out new, high-value offerings and services.

How can performance and security improve customer satisfaction?
The A10 Solution

Ensure uptime, protect brand reputation and strengthen customer trust via A10 application performance, DDoS protection and SSL inspection safeguards delivered via hardware, software or cloud-natively.

How can I meet customer demands faster without incurring expensive infrastructure costs?
The A10 Solution

The A10 Solution: Reduce complexity by leveraging both on-premise and cloud application delivery models. A10 solutions, delivered via hardware, software or cloud-natively, support open-source standards, microservices and container-based applications, so integration is easy and cost-effective. 

Read our Case Studies

Deutsche Telekom

Build a new, elastically scalable model for Deutsche Telekom’s core central-office data center optimized for performance, low latency, cost and network address translation.
A10 Solution

Deutsche Telekom partnered with A10 Networks to develop a carrier-grade IPv4-over-IPv6 Softwire solution as a virtualized network function (VNF) to differentiate and scale cloud services. The two companies developed what is widely regarded as one of the most innovative service provider networks today.


KDDI required advanced virtual ADCs to enable superior user experiences and enhance the company’s cloud portfolio. Would this simple but strategic move boost their cloud services business?
A10 Solution

Not only did KDDI add GSLB via the A10 vThunder ADC, they improved performance, eliminated service interruptions and reduced manual management workloads. This expansion grew their customer base and improved both performance and reliability.  

Spanish Fork Community Network

To expand product offerings and begin delivering fiber connectivity to residents. But as the company’s loyal customer base grew, they knew they’d need to soon expand their IPv4 address space. Unfortunately, discarding their legacy investments and upgrading hardware to the IPv6 standard was cost-prohibitive.
A10 Solution

A10 empowered Spanish Fork to extend the service life of their IPv4 infrastructure, affording them time to plan their IPv6 transition and ultimately reduced cost by avoiding disruptions to business operations.