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5G State-of-the-Industry Webinar Series: The 5G Mobile Era is Live

The 5G mobile era is officially here. In the second quarter of 2019 over half a dozen operators have launched 5G mobile networks to consumers and dozens more have progressed their plans to launch in the year to ahead. In this webinar Heavy Reading Principal Analyst Gabriel Brown will bring...


Decrypting SSL Traffic: Best Practices for Security, Compliance, and Productivity

The majority of web traffic today is encrypted to protect commerce, communications, and data. As organizations grow, shifting to the cloud, adding offices, and leveraging remote workforces, visibility into encrypted traffic becomes challenging. This puts the organization at risk for a cyberattack, data breach and compliance failure.


How to Defend HTTP/HTTPS Applications from DDoS Attacks

DDoS attacks against encrypted web and application-based services continue to skirt traditional volumetric-focused DDoS defenses. To distinguish real users from malicious bots, organizations must implement a layered defense that provides full attack spectrum protection with minimal exposure of private data for HTTP and HTTPS services. Join our webinar to learn...


Requirements of Optimized Traffic Flow and Security in Kubernetes

The adoption of containers is an accelerating trend in the application deployment space and Kubernetes has become the de-facto standard for container orchestration and management. However, many are still learning about Kubernetes and how it can benefit their organization. In this webinar you will learn to: Make your application development...


Detecting Threats in Encrypted Traffic on Your Global Network without Breaking the Law

In this webinar, learn how SSL decryption works from a technology standpoint and the technical challenges related to performance, network topology and routing. You will learn: Encryption trends, benefits and popularity What's hiding within your network traffic - challenges of encryption Best practices for complete visibility for superior network security...


Staying Open for Business Against DDoS Attackers Requires More Than Just Blocking Traffic

DDoS attackers continue to find new ways to inflict damage with amplification attacks like those leveraging Memcached servers and which target higher level vulnerabilities in the application or infrastructure. Watch this webinar to learn about attack strategies and gain insight into weapons used to inflict massive DDoS attacks. We will...


How to defend DNS services from DDoS attacks of all types

DNS services continue to be one of the top targets for DDoS attacks. When DNS services are disrupted, service providers and their subscribers are taken offline, which can inflict damage and result in loss of revenue and customers. Join this DDoS Defense Insight webinar to learn how to defend against...


Intent-based Network Load Balancer and Ansible

Automating applications also requires automation of provisioning, configuration, and management of application delivery services with the ability to scale out elastically with load. In this webinar, you will learn and experience real-world Enterprise customer use cases on Ansible automation modules from configuring network functions, automating load balancer clusters, and creating...


Evolution of Security in 5G Networks

As communications service providers (CSPs) upgrade their networks to support 5G and IoT applications, new security considerations will come into play. Beyond just scaling up traditional protection against DDoS and improving SGi/GiLAN firewalls, CSPs need to take a more comprehensive view of mobile security. This joint analyst webinar between SDxCentral...


Flexibly Allocate and Distribute Secure Application Services

With the evolving nature of application deployment, it is critical that these services be dynamically allocable, fully portable, scale on-demand and procured by a simplified license. Watch how FlexPool, a software subscription for capacity planning, allows you the flexibility to allocate and distribute secure application services whenever and wherever you...