Navigating the Blended Environment: Load Balancing and App Security in a Hybrid Cloud

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While managing and securing apps in a hybrid environment can be a challenge; it doesn’t have to be.

A controller-based architecture reduces operational complexity and costs while increasing application management agility and efficiency.

In an exclusive on-demand webinar, A10 Vice President and General Manager of Cloud Kamal Anand and A10 Director of Cloud Solutions Tom Guerrette will discuss these new approaches for centrally deploying, protecting and managing secure application services across hybrid environments.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Centrally manage policies for application load-balancing, traffic management and application security
  • Streamline app provisioning through automation and self-service
  • Reduce trouble-shooting time with advanced per-application analytics
  • Maximize application utilization in any underlying infrastructure
  • Manage workloads across various infrastructures – public and private clouds, containers and data center

You’ll also see a live demo. 


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