Fastest Appliance for DDoS Mitigation

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A10 Networks, Neil Wu Becker at GovWare 2016, Singapore, discusses the issue of DDoS attacks, which are increasingly being used in more sophisticated ways, tying up IT resources to enable other attacks. 

Neil showcases A10’s latest arsenal of DDoS mitigation products—the offering includes: 

  • A10 Thunder 14045 TPS - the fastest appliance on the market, packing 300 Gbps of mitigation throughput capacity (or 2.4 terabits per second in a cluster).
  • A10 Thunder 840 TPS - a turnkey solution for medium enterprises, available in virtual (vThunder TPS) and hardware appliance form factors. 
  • A10 DDoS Security Incident Response Team (DSIRT) - A10’s newly enhanced support offering now includes a team of DDoS mitigation experts specializing in DDoS prevention—available 24x7x365.