Instructs Network Operations, Development Operations, Network Security, and Architects on implementing a system to inspect SSL traffic.

Full list of course’s technical topics: SSLi 4.1 Course Outline


From two ACOS devices pre-configured in a Layer 3 base environment, students learn how to configure SSLi and the concepts behind how SSLi works:

  • SSLi Concepts
  • SSLi Configuration
  • SSLi Bypass Features
  • SSLi Troubleshooting

Class Structure

  • Classroom Discussion     50%
  • Lab Exercises     50%


  • OSI reference model
  • Network topology and administration
  • An industry standard switching and routing CLI


  • Network Operations (NetOps)
  • Development Operations (DevOps)
  • Network Security (NetSec)
  • Architects (Arch)

Duration: 1 day

Accreditation Exam: A10 Accredited Specialist for SSLi 4.1

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