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Networks are handling larger volumes of traffic due to increased user demand and number of applications. To handle this demand, a higher number of physical and virtualized devices are needed to keep pace. For IT staff, it can be difficult to keep up, whether provisioning and ongoing configuration change, keeping track of new deployments, or performing necessary upgrades. Management of network devices and customization can be time-intensive and laborious without the right management systems.

A10 offers a way to automate management of all of our Thunder and AX Series devices within your existing network fabric for accurate, streamlined operations and lower operational costs. Our aGalaxy centralized management system can control all A10 devices, physical or virtual, from a single point of the network for efficient and centralized monitoring. aGalaxy automates and streamlines essential operations such as initiating system backups and device upgrades, as well as advanced tasks to manage certificates, compare configurations, store and deploy aFleX scripts, and more.

In addition to aGalaxy, our aXAPI REST-style management API can be used to integrate into home-grown or third-party management systems, providing additional management flexibility and efficient operations. With multiple Thunder and AX Series ADC and CGN appliances, aVCS (Virtual Chassis System) can be used to manage multiple appliances as a single unified system. With aVCS, appliances can be added as traffic grows with support for up to eight appliances in a virtual chassis.