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As Cloud Computing adoption increases, virtualization is a key enabler, driving economies of scale and the ability to scale with hardware appliances or commodity hardware.

  • Delivering elasticity, flexibility and scalability for changing traffic volume
  • Cost effective on-demand approach to reduce capital expenditure
  • For Public or Private Clouds

Thunder Series And AX Series Virtualization Products & Solutions

Based on A10's award-winning Thunder Series and AX Series Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs) and Advanced Core Operating System (ACOS™) architecture, enterprises and service providers will have the flexibility to choose the following scale-as-you-grow virtualization options.


  • vThunder virtual machine (VM) on commodity hardware

  • Rapidly scale with commodity hardware

  • Reduce hardware costs and upload to compatible cloud providers

vThunder at Amazon Web Services

vThunder Pay-as-you-Go Licensing

  • vThunder virtual machine (VM) for Cloud IaaS providers to offer offer subscription-based application delivery solutions to the customers

  • An elastic pay-as-you go licensing mode with integrated billing and automated license management.

  • Multiple licensing options with Rental Billing Model (RBM) and Utility Billing Model (UBM)

Thunder HVA Appliances

Virtual Chassis System (aVCS™)

  • Cluster multiple Thunder or AX devices to operate as a unified single device

  • Scale multiple Thunder or AX devices with shared capacity, High Availability (HA) and single IP management

  • Reduce cost and simplify management while adding devices as you grow

Thunder and AX Virtualization

  • Application Delivery Partitions (ADPs) divide the Thunder, AX and vThunder platforms resources for individual applications
  • Enables quality multi-tenancy with granular resource allocation
  • Reduce the number of appliances to host multiple applications

vmware partner - technology allianceAll new Thunder and AX Series virtualization products and features are in addition to existing integration with leading third party virtualization vendors, such as VMware and associated solutions for vSphere acceleration, vCenter dynamic provisioning and VMotion with Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB).