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Microsoft Exchange is an email server, calendar host and contact manager, with built-in protection against spam and viruses. Exchange enables users throughout an organization to access email, VM, calendars, and contacts from a wide variety of devices and from any location.

Exchange deployments need to be highly robust, as businesses rely heavily on their internal and external messaging capability. Microsoft recommends using hardware-based server load balancers for reliability and scalability. The A10 Thunder Series and AX Seriesapplication acceleration features ensure that Exchange environments perform at maximum efficiency. In AX Series deployments, Exchange users do not experience any delays or outages. This service stability increases efficiency throughout the organization by allowing better use of critical resources. The AX Series is a certified solution on the Microsoft Technet Hardware Load Balancers for Exchange Server list, providing advanced features and unique security benefits that can support and enhance all Exchange deployments, for example cookie-based source-IP persistence. (Microsoft refers to this as "affinity".)

The A10 Thunder Series and AX Series Application Delivery Controllers (hardware and virtual appliances) have received Microsoft Exchange Server certification.