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HTTPS is an acronym for HyperText Transfer Protocol plus Security Socket Layer. It’s a widely used Internet protocol for secure communication over a computer network. When a client accesses a website or a web application, HTTPS provides authentication for both the website and associated web server and encrypts data between the client and server.

In other words, HTTPS creates a secure channel over an insecurity network and it guarantees that the website or web application you’re trying to access is in fact legitimate.

The potential problem with SSL encryption is that many traditional network security products aren’t designed to inspect this traffic. As a result, attackers have leveraged SSL encryption to sneak past security controls. A10 helps organization eliminate this potential blind spot in their defenses by providing SSL Insight, an essential feature of the A10 application deliver controller (ADC) product line. To learn more, visit SSL Decryption, Encryption and Inspection with A10's SSL Insight.