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While having a solid firewall infrastructure is a cornerstone of network security, best-of-breed solutions cannot be optimized without adequate firewall load balancing. If internal defenses are overloaded and cannot filter user traffic for malware, viruses, and other security threats, this renders a network infrastructure vulnerable to security breaches. A highly available firewall is crucial in protecting the network and ensuring business continuity.

What network architects need is a load balancing solution that guarantees high availability for their firewall defenses and can easily scale security outward. A10 devices are built using an in-depth strategy, with key protections integrated within our Thunder SeriesAX Series, and vThunder ADCs. Our ADCs are compatible with a variety of different firewall vendors, allowing you to deploy our devices right away with your existing corporate defense systems and adequately secure your network.

  • Seamlessly scale existing security solutions, providing high availability for network firewalls using A10 ADCs as a firewall load balancer, allowing you to scale traffic across the perimeter network and optimize existing security resources.

  • Disaster recovery: A10 ADCs allow you to load balance pools of firewall devices to prevent downtime and access failure, with no adverse impact on user access to applications. Seamless distribution of client traffic across multiple firewall appliances for site scalability and high availability with large connection counts and improved site performance and availability to the end users.

  • Eliminate blind spots to your corporate defenses using our SSL Insight technology, allowing you to unlock encrypted traffic and forward it to firewall devices for processing and inspection by offloading the CPU-intensive decryption tasks from the security devices.

  • Take an all-inclusive approach to security while maintaining necessary traffic management and load balancing network needs with any of our A10 ADC platforms, which feature license-free Firewall Load Balancing, Web Application Firewall (WAF)DNS Application Firewall, SSL Insight technology, and more, allowing you the protect your network from day one of deployment.