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The Thunder and AX Series Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs) have been deployed to protect, load balance and ensure availability for critical DNS infrastructure at Internet and DNS service providers. The A10 ADCs ensure the DNS infrastructure, as a strategic asset, is protected and DNS server resources are optimized.


Key benefits the A10 ADCs provide:

Reduce load for protected servers (up to 70%)

  • Legitimate DNS protocol traffic is allowed only, non-DNS traffic can be denied
  • Predictable load through high performance Surge Protection
  • Increases protected DNS server capacity while freeing resources to address increased load

Increased security for backend servers

  • Optional quarantine (redirection) of malicious or invalid traffic for inspection
  • Guarantee uptime regardless of DDoS attacks (hardware based SYN flood protection up to 50 million per second)Application Firewall: Protecting And Optimizing DNS Infrastructure


Protecting And Optimizing DNS Infrastructure

Problem 1: Malicious and Invalid Traffic Hitting DNS Infrastructure 
Problem 2: Distributed DDoS Attacks on DNS Infrastructure 
Problem 3: Increased DNS Infrastructure Pressure (Growth and Browser Pressure)


The A10 ADCs DNS Application Firewall

  • Included in the A10 ADCs products
  • Does not replace DNS servers, replaces existing server load balancer
  • Placed in front of existing DNS servers; enhances and optimizes