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Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks continue to threaten data privacy and business operations and have increased in volume, velocity, duration, and complexity. As a result, effective DDoS protection relies on a hybrid defense solution, comprised of existing data center components as well as dedicated hardware and software products that work together to provide a more complete threat protection system.

The first line of defense for an effective DDoS protection plan includes existing firewall, intrusion prevention system (IPS), and load balancers. Additionally, dedicated DDoS protection devices can provide specialized mitigation against large-scale and advanced DDoS attacks. It’s important that these DDoS protection devices provide enough headroom in terms of bandwidth, throughput, and connectivity to deal with DDoS attacks while maintaining service availability.

Since dedicated DDoS protection devices integrate with many different solutions from a variety of vendors, it’s important that these solutions can adapt to changing needs and integrate easily via common APIs.

The A10 Application Delivery Controller (ADC) and Threat Protection System (TPS) product lines offer application intelligence and a multi-layer feature set to deal with volumetric, protocol-specific, and resource-based DDoS attacks. To learn more, visit DDoS Protection from A10

For a multitude of industries—be it finance, healthcare, or e-commerce—DDoS attacks continue to threaten data privacy and business operations. Every year, attack mechanisms are growing more sophisticated to bypass existing firewalls, costing significant company revenue in IT resources and damaged brand recognition. With recent threats increasing in scale, cloud-based, commercial solutions are simply not enough. For enterprise data centers, sufficient DDoS protection relies on hybrid defense architecture, which can often be complicated and expensive to implement.

A10 Thunder Threat Protection Systems (TPS), A10 Thunder and AX Series Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs) offer application intelligence and a multi-layer feature set to deal with volumetric, protocol-specific, and resource-based DDoS attacks. With high CPU capacity and processing power, A10 devices are well suited to combat against rapid SYN Flood attacks (the most common form of DDoS). Additionally, A10 devices can be easily deployed alongside existing firewalls and IT infrastructure, making it simple for IT to integrate the next level of protection within your network.

A10 devices provide high-performance detection and prevention against denial-of-service and protocol attacks that can cripple servers and take down applications. Since the A10 devices are placed between the routers and data center resources, it is ideally positioned to detect and stop attacks directed at any data center server or application. Through specialized ASICs, the A10 devices can continue to inspect, stop and redirect all application traffic at network speeds.DDoS Protection Service

  • Trace perpetrators and plan for future threats by using A10 devices threat detection and statistics features for TCP, UDP, and DNS mitigation to analyze incoming traffic and identify malicious sources of attack floods.
  • Defend against all types of DDoS attacks with A10 devices various methods of threat detection that range from basic authentication to protocol-specific behaviors, allowing you to outsmart divergent attack mechanisms before they bring down your network.
  • Prepare for a larger network and a newer address space of attacks with our support for IPv6 protocols, rendering your network less vulnerable to unrecognized IPv6 traffic and allowing you to scale out security for more data and more devices.
  • Build robust layer 7 safeguards by leveraging A10 Thunder TPS agile defense mechanisms against more subtle attacks such as Slowloris and Torshammer to protect against seemingly legitimate traffic streams exploiting application vulnerabilities.
  • Combine security and traffic management with any of our A10 hardware devices or our vThunder virtual solution, which are all enabled with basic DDoS protection capability and can simultaneously aid in application delivery.