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Oracle Application Server

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This deployment guide contains configuration procedures for AX Series server load balancers to support Oracle Application Server. 

Oracle Application Server is an integrated, standards-based software platform consisting of Oracle HTTP Server and OC4J (OracleAS Containers for J2EE), which deploys J2EE-based applications. Oracle Application Server Enterprise Edition is an application platform suite (APS) that offers a comprehensive solution for developing, integrating, and deploying all of your enterprise's applications, portals, and Web sites. Enterprise Edition combines robust business integration, leading J2EE performance, capabilities for enterprise portal, real-time business activity monitoring, business intelligence, identity management, and wireless deployment. 

The AX Series with its Advanced Core Operating System (ACOS) has been designed specifically for applications such as Oracle Application Server providing better robustness in failover situations, intelligent load sharing and offloading security processing. 

This guide used the AX Series 2.0.1 in routed mode and Oracle Application Server 11g...