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A10 Thunder TPS Hybrid DDoS Protection Deployment with Verisign OpenHybrid

Resource description

This guide explains how to build a hybrid DDoS protection solution using A10 Networks® Thunder TPS™ line-of Threat Protection Systems integrated with a cloud-based Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection-service. A10 Thunder TPS, powered by A10 Networks Advanced Core Operating System (ACOS®), is a scalable-high-performance DDoS protection device. It protects against multi-vector DDoS attacks and provides various-DDoS detection and mitigation options that can be customized. This guide leverages a script execution, which-extends the integration capability of A10’s DDoS protection solution.

The Verisign DDoS Protection Service, powered by the OpenHybrid architecture, is an intelligent, cloudbased-DDoS protection service. OpenHybrid is an open Application Programming Interface (API) architecture-and provides interoperability and flexibility, allowing on-premise security devices to signal threat information-to Verisign.-

The hybrid DDoS protection solution in this guide consists of A10 Thunder TPS as an on-premise DDoS-protection device, and Verisign DDoS Protection Service as a cloud-based DDoS protection service. A10-Thunder TPS functions as a DDoS detector and sends signals to Verisign’s cloud service by executing a script-as a violation action. This solution allows the customer a means of moving quickly to a DDoS cloud protection-solution when a DDoS attack becomes too large for the customer’s infrastructure to handle.