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A10 Networks LBaaS Driver for Thunder and AX Series Appliances

Resource description

This guide is for the A10 Networks® LBaaS Driver, which is specifically designed to manage A10 Thunder™ and AX Series Application Delivery Controller (ADC) appliances. 

In this installation guide, we will cover the architecture of the A10/OpenStack environment and the requirements for installing the A10 LBaaS Driver. Expectedly, an updated community-supported driver will be in the Juno release of OpenStack. Note that the community version of this driver is different from what A10 supports—the current community version does not support the spin up of software instances. This feature will be available in the later Juno release, but should the user desire a greater degree of customization to extend Horizon and other components, we recommend using A10’s version as the community supported model will present less feature versatility than our inhouse solution.