Customer Quotes

Shopzilla - A10 Networks Customer

"We deployed multiple A10 ADCs prior to the 2008 holiday shopping season, and the appliances easily handled the increased traffic. A10 ADC delivers the new generation of server load balancers required to ensure our eCommerce site is highly scalable with consistent low latency, and always operational."

Burzin Engineer, VP of Technology for Shopzilla

Etón uses A10 ID Series for network performance and security

"We needed a better way to manage bandwidth, user identity, access control, network security and authentication – A10’s EX Series and ID Series has immediately improved our network performance and security, and allowed us to automate many IT administration tasks – saving us costs and countless work hours."

Asad Sarabi, VP of Operations

A10 load balancing makes USA 800's eCRM platform extremely scalable/available

"The A10 ADC easily handled the record customer traffic we received over the 2008 holiday season. With A10 ADC, our eCRM platform is extremely scalable, highly available and fast, so that our employees are constantly able to handle customer demand. At twice the performance & half the price, A10 ADC is the best solution for us."

Tom Davis, President & CEO of USA 800

A10's Server Load Balancing is the key solution in Taobao’s data center

"We were impressed with the higher Layer 4 and Layer 7 performance that the A10 ADC deliver versus the existing systems. This enables operational efficiency by allowing us to consolidate from two platforms into one. The A10 ADC met our business requirements not only with performance, but also with stability, scalability and tremendous value. With the A10 ADC, we not only ensure a fast user experience, but also lower our cost per transaction."

Cao Yi Feng, Operation Director, Taobao

Abans PLC is an A10 Networks Application Delivery Controller Customer

“A10 Networks provided a deployment guide for setting up the ADCs to work with Terminal Services and Remote Desktop Services, easing the burden for the local implementation partner and the customer, Abans. The local systems integrator and implementation partner, EGUARDIAN, took care of the setup and configuration of the A10 ADC, which has performed faultlessly from day one. In the few times we encountered a configuration issue, A10 immediately helped us resolve the problem.“

Pubudu De Silva, Senior Manager of IT, Abans PLC is an A10 Networks hardware load balancing infrastructure customer

"We chose A10 Networks due to reliability and hardware capabilities. During our initial load test, performance increased by 22 percent over our installed systems, right out of the box! The AX also had double digit performance gains over other tested systems."

Tim de Wolf, CIO,

Bizrate is a customer of A10 Networks hardware load balancing equipment

"We deployed multiple AX 3200s prior to the 2008 holiday shopping season, and the appliances easily handled the increased traffic. AX delivers the new generation of server load balancers required to ensure our eCommerce site is highly scalable with consistent low latency, and always operational."

Burzin Engineer, VP of Technology for Shopzilla/Bizrate

ElectronicPartner uses A10 load balancers for SSL encryption

"After implementing A10 Networks' 64-bit AX 2500 we received confirmation that our initial thought of a high level solution was correct: the general technology, intuitive GUI, redundant power supplies, very efficient storage tapes, very high performance of the 64-bit platform, simple licensing and excellent price/performance convinced us. With this solution we received a huge competitive advantage. On one side we can provide high performance applications for employees and members faster, and on the other side administration volume has been reduced. For example, SSL encryption is no longer scheduled on the web servers but on the load balancers. I think that encryption of EP:Infonets is a real milestone. It never resulted in a decline in making web applications available. It was the opposite: While deploying two 64-bit AX 2500s in a cluster we can save 30 percent of the web traffic while delivering the applications faster. This is more than we ever expected."

Sascha Krinke, ElectronicPartner, Germany

Rakuten deployed A10 application delivery controllers to reduce equipment and power consumption

"Rakuten has been developing its business worldwide, even though it is based in Japan. We appreciate A10 Networks' support system that provides reliable and quick technical support with many engineers in its Japanese subsidiary. Follow-up service is provided even when escalated to A10's headquarters in America. We have received enthusiastic support from A10, for example, their participation in regular pre-installation meetings, and preparation of a quick support system just in case there are any problems while switching. Thanks to this support, switching was successfully completed on schedule."

Mr. Yoshimasa Suzuki, Rakuten, Inc.

Certified General Accountants of Ontario Load Balances SharePoint, Exchange and Blackboard applications on A10 load balancers

"I took an interest in A10 Networks based on the company’s stellar reputation in the online community. When I implemented the A10 ADC in our network environment, I was pleased by the ease of use and flexibility of the product."

Philip Philippides, Senior Network Administrator for CGA Ontario

GAIN Capital deployed A10 Application Delivery Controllers to scale performance

"The A10 ADC helps GAIN Capital increase our SSL performance and overall capacity for our business critical applications, while its compact size and lower power requirements help us meet green data center goals within our current ecosystem."

Todd Wojcik, Director of Network Engineering

Tremor Video selected A10 Application Delivery Controllers for All-inclusive Pricing Model with High-Touch Support

"We chose A10 Networks for our application delivery needs because its application feature set is of exceptional value. The pricing model of an all-inclusive feature set alleviates management headaches and also provides massive cost savings for required advanced features."

Presley Acuna, Senior Director of Systems Engineering, Tremor Video


By installing the A10 Server Load Balancers, Subaru Canada, was able to achieve Layer 4-7 load balancing

"Once a potential buyer test drives one of our vehicles, the rest is easy. I feel the same way about A10's AX Series of appliances - once you try them you'll be sold... While we were originally drawn to the AX's application acceleration features, the recent enhancements to the AX Virtualization Multi-tenancy feature will allow us to consolidate our Microsoft Exchange 2010 environment and our web environment to a single pair of appliances, with high availability. This reduces the amount of Application Delivery Controllers in our network and saves us money in the process."

George Hamin, Director eBusiness & Information Systems, Subaru Canada, Inc.

Peak Hosting hosts A10 load balancers so their customers can control their own load balancer partitions

"As a Managed Hosting provider, Peak Hosting must provide multi-tenancy for customers with the ability to manage their load balancing needs directly without sacrificing performance, scalability and availability. After evaluating competing platforms, no solution could match A10 Networks' value, which sets the bar with 128 high performance ADC instances and over four million Layer 4 connections per second per unit. Coupled with the ability to centrally manage and scale a cluster of up to eight units as we need them with a Virtual Chassis (aVCS) configuration, no vendor can match the flexibility, performance, savings and peace of mind that A10 Networks provides."

Jeffrey Papen, CEO at Peak Hosting

A10 application delivery controllers load balance heavy web traffic for Intermax

"The success of our A10 solution implementation is most evident in new business opportunities, because we can now easily offer shared load balancing to customers who do not require or want to invest in their own ADCs. So the A10 solution proactively helps us to generate extrabusiness."

Rijnier Renes, System Architect, Intermax

GoDaddy - A10 Networks Application Delivery Controller Customer

"Small business customer success online is largely influenced by the technology and support employed. Using A10, we are able to provide the same, top-level service our nearly 11 million customers have come to expect while improving reliability and keeping costs down."

Tim Parker, Director of Networking, GoDaddy

Micron21 deployed A10 ADCs to improve performance for traffic management and server offload

"We have total confidence in moving forward and implementing the A10 Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs) as best-of-breed. These guys are serious, and their support is just as serious as their hardware. A10 Networks’ equipment is the only choice in an extremely high-density environment, which fits our business model perfectly."

James Braunegg, Managing Director, Micron21

University of the Arts London selected A10 server load balancers to replace the aging Radware hardware

"Our existing server load balancer platform was incapable to meet the needs for our new Web service project. We chose A10 ADCs as they met and exceeded the project’s functional requirements, including scalable performance for growth."

Andrew McClements, Network Services Manager, University of the Arts London

Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) uses A10 ADCs for IPv6 migration

"Today, with mobile devices, especially with regards to Application Delivery, there is almost no tolerance for any kind of downtime, including maintenance. We have to match all of our services to the same high availability standards and A10's AX Series helped us to bridge that gap. With AX we're able to co-locate services across a couple of data centers and have seamless transition for users to cover any maintenance windows or unexpected outages. 

So far we've been very happy; the AX Series hardware performs exactly as advertised. When evaluating the AX, we verified that it was feature complete with enough performance to cover us for the next 5 years with anticipated load, and then went back and looked at pricing and that's when the differentiator made it a very easy choice. With the extra budget saved, we were able to buy more hardware and outfit the lab as well. 

Coming down the road we're going to be looking at AX Series as a key piece of our IPv6 rollout…the AX can bridge that gap until we get everything all native."

Frank Sweetser, Manager of Network Operations for Worcester Polytechnic

Bentley University makes Oracle Web Portal more responsive with A10's application acceleration

"We considered adding application acceleration features to our F5 BIG-IP server load balancers, but the licensing fees were very high. After evaluating the A10 ADC, we learned that we could provide faster acceleration, at half the price. With A10 all features are included, so we no longer have to dip into our budget in the future for more features or performance. In addition, we now have the latest state-of-the art architecture – and our entire school is benefiting from faster, more responsive applications."

Todd Marsh, Principal Network Engineer, Bentley University

McMaster University load balances web server traffic across the Blackboard application servers using A10 hardware

“We researched the major Application Delivery Controller solutions on the market and were impressed to learn we could deploy A10 ADCs for the most superior performance at the best price. The A10 ADC is particularly useful as it can load balance the application server clusters within the two Blackboard applications. I recommend A10 ADC as a key component for online learning infrastructures.”

Herman Poon, Systems Administrator, McMaster University

Newcastle University Selects A10 Networks Application Delivery Controllers for Critical International Learning Environment

"Our decision to go with A10 Networks has been a great example of a product that has performed even better than we expected; and as we start looking at other areas such as VDI and additional security elements – the hardware has enough headroom to allow us to grow into the future."

David Clark, Infrastructure Systems Specialist, Newcastle University

UCLA hosts A10's Thunder ADC line of Application Delivery Controllers

"The A10 guy came in and laid out in simple terms what the company could offer. Performance is definitely important to us. We need to be sure everything works well. Price is also an enormous factor. I could pay over twice as much for a competitive solution and I’m very glad that I didn’t. I’ve found that the A10 solution does all that our previous system did – and more."

Jeff Barnes, Senior Development Engineer at UCLA

St. Petersburg College reduced application complexity with A10 ADCs’ ADP capabilities.

"We chose A10 Networks primarily for the flexibility of the architecture. The ability for us to create various virtual Application Delivery Controllers with A10 ADCs and still maintain performance was very important. Additionally, ease of configuration and cost compared to our previous solution was very appealing."

David Creamer, Director Network Systems & TV Operations, St. Petersburg College

GameFlier leverages A10 Networks load balancersfor  Layer 7 scripting and DDoS protection

"We chose A10's AX Series because it is the best price/performance server load balancer on the market and the first in the Web application delivery market that is tuned for multi-core CPU systems. The A10 team is staffed with Layer 4-7 networking experts that carefully designed the server load balancing solution that is tuned for our exact needs. As a result, we have the best server load balancer technology on the market, and our customers are happy with our application speed."

Rick Ku, MIS Assistant Chief for Game Flier

GameOn deployed A10 Server Load Balancers with virtualization to consolidate their multiple SLBs and enable multi-tenant environments

"By virtualizing and integrating our disparate collection of load balancers, we were able to reduce equipment cost and management load. We are now able to add services quickly with a simple setup and expand resources easily by adding hardware, so we have no concerns regarding future expansion."

Minaki Niiyama, Project Manager, Infrastructure Team, Infrastructure Group, Technical Department & Kenichiro Kato, Infrastructure Team, Infrastructure Group, Technical Department

Sega deployed A10 Application Delivery Controllers for Layer 4 Load Balancing

"AX Series provides not only high performance, but also the local language GUI delivers high usability through relevant traffic reporting options."

Yusuke Kanekon, Sega Corporation Research and Development Solution Headquarters

Gamania deploys A10 Global Server Load Balancing and application acceleration for online gaming services

"We considered adding more F5 BIG-IP server load balancers, but then decided to research competing solutions and evaluate market innovations since our last deployment. After evaluating A10 ADCs, we were impressed with the performance, scalability, reliability and headroom for growth, which led to our selection. With the help of A10 ADCs, we increase our competitive edge by providing an enhanced level of service to our end users."

Jerry Shao, Manager Infrastructure Department, Gamania

Florence County accelerated clustered VMware environment and SQL server cluster with A10 server load balancing

"We researched incumbent solutions but discovered the products used older technologies and designs, while including a significant expense. We chose A10 ADCs as they deliver 3X the hardware capability at half the cost, plus unique features such as aXAPI and a support team that we can trust."

Joshua Suggs, Web Developer, Florence County

Shasta County load balances VMware and Outlook Web Access with A10 server load balancers

"We researched the three major load balancing solutions on the market and were delighted to learn we could deploy AX Series for the most superior technology at a fraction of the price. Now everyone is happy: we stayed well within budget, our users notice faster response times and my team delivered on its charter to serve the public."

Tom Lee, IT Supervisor for Infrastructure, Shasta County

Thames-Coromandel District Council upgraded their old Server Load Balancing (SLB) solution to A10 Networks ADCs

"A10's unique Application Delivery Partition (ADP) feature has been highly beneficial, allowing us to utilise their device as load-balancer on our LAN, as well as being a perimeter device."

Shiv Singh, Thames-Coromandel District Council Networking Engineer

A10 Networks provides FFF Enterprises with a high-performance server load balancing platform

"We found the AX Series at the perfect time. After reading positive stories about its price/performance advantage over incumbents we tested the AX in our environment and discovered that the claims we read were true. A10's AX Series provides us with a high-performance server load balancer solution to ensure MyFluVaccine™ is always performing and available."

Bob Coates, VP of Technology for FFF Enterprises

University of Kansas Hospital chose A10 to replace their end of life server load balancers

"The cost for 80 Gb of throughput was less than that of 24 Gb from another vendor, and we got 4 boxes instead of two, allowing us to provide a multi-site clustered solution that we frankly could not afford from the competing vendors. A10's port density alone allows us to remove DMZ switches, as we can provide load-balanced DMZ connectivity with some of the 1 Gb Ports on the A10 ADCs at each production site. This saves us an additional four switches."

Robert Rowland, Senior Director of Systems Engineering at University of Kansas Hospital

CRC Health Group uses A10 ADCs to ensure Outlook Web Access is always available

"The A10 Networks A10 ADC delivers tremendous value by including all of the required features, such as GSLB and local traffic management, in the plat- form. Buying two boxes to do local and global traffic management was not an option for us when we could achieve this in a single box with the A10 ADC. In addition, the responsiveness of A10’s support and development teams to meet our needs quickly is a key differentiator."

Jay Raimondi, Vice President and CTO, CRC Health Group, Inc.

SK Life eliminates network latency for web applications with A10 Networks Application Delivery Controllers

"We deployed A10's AX Series for our employee's mission critical Web applications and they quickly returned on investment by allowing us to serve more customers. The AX Series delivers the advanced Application Delivery Controller solutions required to ensure our Web applications are highly available with consistent low latency, and always operational."

Mr. Chen, CTO, SK Life implemented the A10 ADC for their Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) needs

"With A10 Networks' technology, we have implemented the perfect solution for our Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) needs. With this solution in place we have the scalability for further growth against a good price as well as quality."

Patrick Kuiper, Manager of Technology at

Buienradar deployed A10 ADCs for IPv6, GSLB, application level DNS inspection, and high performance surge protection (with DNS caching)

"Our legacy load balancers had reached end of life and we needed a new solution capable of intelligently load balancing traffic across our two data centers. In evaluating solutions on the market, we were impressed with the A10 ADCs’ sophisticated GSLB capabilities. We were pleased to learn that the A10 ADC could provide an additional layer of protection for our DNS infrastructure. The A10 ADCs have helped us improve network response times, and this translates to a better experience for our end users."

Stefan Rijkaart, Co-founder of

Yahoo Japan chose A10 server load balancers to strengthen the network infrastructure of services

"We have peace of mind with A10's proven IPv6 and virtualization solutions."

Miyuki Tsunekawa, Network Engineer, Yahoo Japan Corporation

Excite Japan Stabilizes Portal Services with A10 Networks Application Delivery Controllers

"Whatever the product, some sort of problem will always occur. The important point is how quickly support is provided when that happens. The swift service provided by A10 is very reliable."

Excite Japan Co., Ltd. and A10 ADCs: Application Acceleration with Layer 7 Features to Boost Performance

"Our upgrade to A10’s Advanced Application Delivery Controllers was a critical business decision as our user community is continuously growing and we must always provide fast web performance to our users to meet service level agreements. The A10 ADC was the best high-end solution for our requirements, offering not only leading performance and scalability, but also innovative Web acceleration features that give us a competitive edge."

Barbara Manning, President & CEO, IT Interactive Services

Oad Group required A10's Application Delivery Controller (ADC) to meet increasing demands of online traffic

“We had a set of specific requirements and the regional A10 team demonstrated that a pair of 64-bit A10 ADCs could do the job,” Luten said. “What got Oad Group interested with the A10 ADC is the all- inclusive licensing. The A10 ADC ensures that we are ready for the future without worrying about licensing and hardware upgrades.”

Ronald Luten, Systems Engineer at the Oad Group 

Box deployed A10 ADCs for application load-balancing and IPv6 integration

"We always look to partner with best-of-breed infrastructure and service providers. It gives us the confidence needed to run our service at the levels our customers expect from Box. A10 Networks falls into this top category and we're pleased to standardize on A10 for our application load-balancing needs."

Stefan Apitz, SVP of Operations, Box

Simplex chose A10 ADCs to manage 2048-bit SSL traffic for their financial trading systems

"Not only are excellent performance and stable operation provided, but costs and operational load can also be reduced. The AX Series' superior virtualization feature is perfect for the cloud environment."

Takuho Kishi, Professional, Retail Solution Group

Brainshark bought the A10 load balancing system that's capable of handling its rapid traffic growth

"After the cutover to the A10 Application Delivery Controllers, when I look at the A10 ADC traffic statistics page, none of the CPUs have gone over 5 percent during our peak hours. So that’s a lot of headroom for my organization - both now and in anticipation of our future growth."

Jim Long, Director of Information Technology, Brainshark, Inc.

Earth Class Mail deploys SSL encryption/re-encryption for AJAX-powered Web mail applications with A10 ADCs

"A10’s aXAPI within the A10 ADC server load balancers allows our developers to remotely perform or automate tasks, such as adding and removing servers as needed. The beauty of A10's approach is that it is a REST-based API versus other more complicated approaches. This requires less of a learning curve, is easier to understand and enables integration between the applications and the networking equipment."

Derek Hill, Director of IT for Earth Class Mail

ShareCompany bought A!0 load balancers for Redundancy, High Availability (HA) and Price/performance

"For our second data center, due to increased Internet traffic from large, high-profile customers, we required an application delivery solution that was more scalable. After evaluating A10 ADC load balancers at the recommendation of Quanza Engineering, we learned that we could achieve higher performance without any additional license fees for features. In addition, we now have the latest state-of-the-art architecture – and our customers are benefiting from faster, more responsive applications."

Mr. Sander Hilkman, Deputy Director, ShareCompany

Hawkins deployed A10 load balancers to optomize ERP software, Java application servers and Windows Terminal Services

"We chose A10's AX 2000s as our server load balancer platform because of their impressive interface and competitive price, plus the first class customer service and response from the A10 team. A10's AX Series balance the user connections over our JD Edwards ERP software and Windows 2003 Terminal Servers. We believe we are achieving a more even distribution of load after implementing A10."

Paul Veeneman, Chief Technology Engineer for Hawkins

Shanda Interactive Entertainment uses A10's advanced server load balancing and application acceleration

"We deployed A10 ADCs and the appliances easily handled our rapidly increasing traffic. We were surprised at the dramatic performance increases upon enabling the advanced server load balancing and application acceleration functions that are included without additional fees."

Mr. Ye Ning, Technical Director, Jinjiang, a subsidiary of Shanda Interactive Entertainment

VerticalScope - A10 Networks hardware load balancing infrastructure customer

"I am quite impressed with A10 Networks; not a single issue using almost every major feature on a pair of AX 1000s in our new production environment. The devices are great and some of the best I've worked with."

Brandon Seibel, Manager, Operations and Systems Architecture, VerticalScope Inc.

World Wrestling Entertainment - A10 Networks Application Delivery Controller Customer

"WWE operates a real-time web voting system, which causes frequent and unpredictable "flash crowds" during our wrestling events that result in peak traffic conditions. The aFlow™ feature in A10's new AX Series software release will add another intelligent layer on top of the existing AX rate and limit controls to protect our servers from being overwhelmed, ensuring our viewers can continue to vote for their favorite wrestlers in real-time and uninterrupted."

Phillip James, Manager, Digital Media Operations, World Wrestling Entertainment

NTT Plala required A10's IPv6 solution to support its growing 2 million subscribers

"The AX Series load balancers have dedicated ASICs specially designed for load balancers and SSL acceleration functions based on SSL-dedicated chips, and an important attraction was that A10 offers fast and stable traffic processing even when using IPv6."

Ken Taniuchi for NTT Plala

ViaWest - A10 Networks Application Delivery Controller Customer

"ViaWest is a leader in the managed service market, and we have standardized on a combination of A10's AX Series hardware and SoftAX virtual appliances for our cloud offerings. We chose A10 for many reasons including tight SoftAX integration with VMware vCloud Director, flexibility of hardware and software platforms and the advanced feature set. All of these advantages directly translate to value we can offer to our customers."

Jason Carolan, CTO of ViaWest

Nxs Internet deployed A10 Application Delivery Controllers for Lower TCO, security and virtualization functionality

"Our customers use different applications with increasing performance demands; we needed more flexibility in offering load balancing functionality. By investing in Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs) from A10 Networks, we now have dedicated equipment for increasing our customers' application performance. We can also offer high-end ADC functionality to more of our customers, for an attractive price."

Henk Nijland, Managed Services Director, Nxs Internet

Wire and Wireless Co., Ltd. provides Wi-Fi service with A10's CGN solution

"The AX Series is a highly cost-effective product, and A10 quickly responded to our request for application transparency functions. With devoted support from A10's sales partner, we could start the service very quickly."

Shuichiro Asagai, Technical Department Manager, Wire and Wireless Co., Ltd.

Servers Australia chose A10 ADCs for multi-tenancy capabilities and a high number of SSL Transactions per Second

"What immediately drew our attention to the A10 product was the ability for multi-tenancy within a single device. This gave us the opportunity to offer our customers a solution where they could directly manage their load balancing requirements."

Craig Smithers, Sales Manager, Servers Australia

Cyso chose A10 application delivery controllers for cost reductions and ROI with virtualization options

"The A10 ADC devices offer a high performance, multi-featured solution that allows us to offer a wide range of enterprise services for our customers."

Stanley Westerveld, Senior Systems & Component Architect at Cyso

SHI Labs - A10 Networks Application Delivery Controller Customer

"Our customers are demanding a higher level of sophistication in cloud environments versus a few years ago. A10's aCloud ecosystem offers the right ADC form factor and management tools that are essential to offering a successful feature rich service."

Andrew Rosser, Research Fellow at SHI Labs

Jaguar Network Chose A10 ADCs for Low Latency Content Delivery for Millions of Connections

"We looked at three vendors, including A10, Cisco, and Brocade, and with A10, we had a great experience during the evaluation. We were impressed with how easy the A10 Application Delivery Controller was to configure and manage. In addition to being very easy to set up, the A10 ADC offered superior 64-bit hardware and could support our IPv6 migration plans. We have installed A10 ADCs in our production network and we are very pleased with the results."

Kevin Polizzi, Founder of Jaguar Network

SKYCable chose A10's solution to extend IPv4-based connectivity and to addressDNS and Caching Server loads

"We chose the A10 ADC because it has the functionality that we need right now, the features that we need to migrate to IPv6 and is a cost effective solution. It does everything we need while taking up very little space in the rack."

Eugene Flores, NOC Supervisor, SKYCable

LeaseWeb - A10 Networks hardware load balancing infrastructure customer

"Our internal test procedures proved A10 products performed up to and above our requirements. We have installed many A10 appliances and we plan to implement more once the need arises."

Bastiaan Spandaw, Lead Architect, LeaseWeb

SkyMesh deployed the A10 CGN to solve its IPv4 preservation issues which were unable to meet increased traffic volume

"I was surprised how easy the A10 CGN was to work with. The CLI has a very Cisco-like feel to it, the web based GUI is very straightforward, and the documentation is easy to follow. Some small changes were required to accommodate the switchover to the A10 product, but there was nothing too onerous."

Terence C. Sweetser, Chief Technical Officer, SkyMesh GmbH bought A10 for their IPv6 implementation

"We have found excellent partners in A10 Networks and System Integrator BMAnetworks. They can entirely fulfill our existing and future requirements for load balancing. A10's simple and manageable licensing model is very cost-effective and we can make use of all functions without additional investments in licenses. Furthermore, A10 provides us with the reliable solution we require for our IPv6 implementation."

Malte Kock, Manager for System Integration, Planning Department, GmbH

Core Mobility chose A10 Networks' server load balancers to enhance their carrier-grade network

"As the provider of end-to-end services for mobile carriers and millions of wireless handsets around the world, our network must always be fast and reliable. We chose A10 Networks' AX Series new generation server load balancers to enhance our carrier-grade network because they provide a new industry price/performance milestone that leaps ahead of incumbents' offerings in this market - which allows our service to be more competitive."

Willy Lee, Senior Director Of Operations for Core Mobility

Deutsche Telekom partnered with A10 to deliver Network Function Virtualization (NFV) using aCloud Services Architecture

"IPv4-over-IPv6 Softwire is the first example of a high-volume, data-planeoriented network function that was virtualized."

Axel Clauberg, Vice President Aggregation, Transport, IP and Fixed Access, Deutsche Telekom AG

RedLink Communications bought A10 CGN for transparent address and protocol translation (IPv4/IPv6)

"A10 CGNs were administrator friendly, easy to deploy, and A10’s customer support also provided quick responses to our inquiries. With deployment of the A10 CGN appliances, our network now has 10GbE fiber port connectivity. The carrier grade NAT (CGN or large scale NAT) platform has helped to resolve concerns we had with IPv4 address scaling and exhaustion. We are confident that all our future communication and connectivity demands can be met with the deployed A10 CGN appliances in our network."

Myint Thein, Chief Engineer, RedLink Communications

Ericsson chose A10 to deliver carrier class IPv4/IPv6 solutions

"We selected A10 Networks as it delivers the most capable solution. We look forward to a successful partnership with A10 to deliver powerful, carrier class IPv4/IPv6 solutions to help our global customers preserve investments while providing a clear path to IPv6, efficiently and affordably."

Melih Tufan, Head of Product Line Packet Networks at Ericsson

MKI - A10 Networks Application Delivery Controller Customer

"A10 Thunder ADC enhances network knowledge and is optimized by A10 Networks Advanced Core Operating System, the latest in high-performance platforms. It is ideally suited to support new businesses that will be using MKI's verification laboratories, such as Cisco's Application Centric Infrastructure (Cisco ACI) and Wi-Fi-based position information analysis, as currently implemented in the laboratory in Vietnam."

Hideo Shirota, Global Business Department, Global Business Division, MKI

Sentri deployed A10 server load balancers for unified communications and collaboration (Lync, Exchange, SharePoint)

"Sentri is partner of the Year with Microsoft and specializes in Unified Communications and Collaboration (Lync, Exchange, SharePoint), along with several other areas. We design, install and manage Microsoft Lync solutions. Our High Availability deployments include A10's 64-bit AX Series Application Delivery Controllers. We find the AX Series server load balancing functionality to be very fast and easy to install and configure, and work exceptionally well with Microsoft Lync."

Alex Beletsky, CEO for Sentri

Bat Blue choose A10's high performance and cost-effective server load balancers

"We selected A10's AX 1000s for our managed service practice because it represents the value trinity--better, cheaper, faster--that Bat Blue has built its practice around. The AX 1000s are more innovative, high performance and cost-effective server load balancers than any other solution we found on the market. With the AX 1000, Bat Blue gains a competitive advantage that it can easily translate into increased value for our customers."

Babak Pasdar, President & CEO of Bat Blue Corporation

TNS Employee Insights - A10 Networks Application Delivery Controller Customer

"I've dealt with many technical support centers and A10's Technical Assistance Center (TAC) is by far the most impressive. The dedicated team was extremely professional and had the technical knowledge as well as the confidence to diagnose and solve our problem. I'm very pleased with the OUTSTANDING support I've received at A10!"

Paul Stavropoulos, Senior Vice President, TNS Employee Insights

Capgemini chose A10’s Application Delivery Controllers to meet multi-tenancy needs

"We're especially happy with the load balancing. Plus it's easy to configure."

Sven Verbeek, Technical Consultant, Capgemini

Xantaro deployed A10' sThunder TPS  to protect against large-scale, multi-vector DDoS attacks

"As an early user of the Thunder TPS, we believe A10 is delivering a high-value product, with rich features and really great performance. In order to sufficiently protect against large-scale, multi-vector DDoS attacks, mitigation solutions must provide very high packet-per-second processing power. Thunder TPS is built for these extreme environments."

Gerold Arheilger, CTO, Xantaro Group

 Code Ready selected A10’s AX Series server load balancers due to essential fl exibility gained by aFleX

"We rely on A10’s aFleX Layer 7 scripting to distribute traffic to multiple Websites, and in a complex environment, ease of management and a quick view of real- time statistics are critical."

Tom Roberts, Director of IT, Code Ready

Gomez - A10 Networks Customer

"The AX 1000 has proven to have a lot of performance in a small 1U, non-modular form-factor. We were maxing out the processing power of our legacy load balancer in terms of concurrent connections and SSL handshakes per second. The AX 1000 has proven to have at least 6x the capacity on both counts, at less than half the price of our legacy load balancer, and including feature parity with the "big boys." A10 has made a technical marvel. Plus, their staff is very technical, responsive, and helpful."

Shawn Carroll, SaaS Network Engineering Manager, Gomez - Web Performance Division of Compuware Corp