Client & Case Study

USA 800

Client case study description

USA 800 has three sites, each of which are contact centers for multiple partners, whereby applications are served from two data centers. Predicting record traffic for the 2008 holiday shopping season, USA 800 required a new high-performance server load balancer platform. 

After researching multiple load balancing solutions such as F5's BIG-IP, USA 800 chose A10 ADCs and deployed them near the end of October 2008, less than 30 days before the 2008 holiday shopping season. For USA 800, online customer traffic generated between the third week in November and the Christmas holiday every year contributes to a critically significant portion of annual revenue, so stability, redundancy and failover features were essential. Upon deployment, the A10 ADCs managed capacity flawlessly, and aided USA 800 in experiencing the most successful holiday season in its history...