Client & Case Study

Subaru Canada

Client case study description

Subaru Canada had been using the Foundry ServerIron 4G-SSL to provide server load balancing for its website ( However, when it came time to renew the support contract with Brocade Communications Systems, Inc., which had acquired Foundry Networks in 2008, Subaru Canada decided to evaluate some of the newer technologies available.

While Subaru was impressed with the performance of the AX 1000, due to the rapid growth rate of sales at Subaru Canada, they decided they might later appreciate having the additional overhead provided by the AX 2500, with its 10 Gbps throughput capacity, as opposed to the 4 Gbps capacity of the AX 1000. Subaru Canada's Director of eBusiness & Information Systems, George Hamin said it was an easy choice, since the AX appliance cost "just a little more than the cost of renewing support on our 4G-SSL."