Client & Case Study

SK Life

Client case study description

In the early stages of SK Life's business, the focus was on customer acquisition and retention and return on investment. In addition, today's business challenges include a government open insurance policy and various insurance package options, delivering multiple layers of complexity and creating a need for simultaneous data exchanges so that employees can quickly and effectively service clients. 

To meet the requirements for simultaneous information sharing within the organization, SK Life deployed six Web application servers for its internal applications and storage. Initially, the applications ran at 5 Mbps, but after the integrated investment insurance policies took place, the need increased to 30 Mbps. Increased internal application traffic caused network latency whereby employees had to wait to get online and collect client and program information, and as a result business opportunities were lost. 

Upon research, SK Life learned that network congestion could be resolved with an advanced Application Delivery Controller (ADC), and contacted A10 Networks to evaluate its award-winning ADCs. Upon deploying the A10 ADC, SK Life immediately realized the benefits and made the purchase.