Client & Case Study

Shanda Interactive Entertainment Limited

Client case study description

Shanda Interactive Entertainment Limited (NasdaqGS: SNDA) is a leading interactive media entertainment company in China, offering a diverse portfolio of entertainment content including some of the most popular massively multi-player online roleplaying games (MMORPGs), casual online games and a variety of cartoons, literature and music. 

Jinjiang (, a subsidiary of Shanda, is the largest and most popular female creative writing web site in China. The users who regularly visit the site to research the original essays generate more than 50 million page views daily from 500,000 independent viewers that typically average up to 49 minutes per session on the site. This volume is increasing rapidly with traffic having increased over 300% since the end of 2007, so scaling growth is paramount to success. 

Jinjiang's network includes a 100% BSD/Linux server infrastructure running eCommerce web applications with MySQL databases on the backend to handle the current load of over 100,000 creative writing purchase transactions daily. Previously, an open source load balancing product called HAProxy was in place, but this was not enough to meet the performance requirements. To handle the rapidly growing Internet traffic and eCommerce transactions, Shanda required a high-performance platform for its web servers to better manage the load. The company considered solutions from F5 and Citrix NetScaler, but after rigorous technical testing made the decision to purchase A10 ADCs.