Client & Case Study


Client case study description

The A10 ADC was able to satisfy the requirements set by SapientNitro. The SSL Offload feature greatly simplifies SSL-key management; now certificates are centralized at the ADC for management, instead of stored on the individual web servers. Additionally, the dedicated SSL processors within the A10 ADC enable SapientNitro to handle the increased SSL requirements bought on by the upgrade from 1024-bit to 2048-bit keys—without impact to the web servers. The SSL Offload feature allows SapientNitro to return processing capacity to the web servers, and ensure better server and application performance with the existing hardware. For SapientNitro, this directly translates into reduced data center footprint, reduced power consumption and more cost effective operating expenses. A10 Networks provides worry-free licensing and does not charge additional licensing fees for performance or features such as SSL Offload.