Client & Case Study

Jaguar Network

Client case study description

Jaguar Network is a leading business ISP and web-hosting provider that was founded in 2001. The company, which has been growing by leaps and bounds, has more than 28 data centers, 450 equipment bays, and 8,000 servers delivering advanced telecommunications services to more than 500 customers all across Europe. 

As the company's offerings have expanded, its network has become more sophisticated, and its Cisco CSM load balancers are no longer adequate, as demonstrated by intolerable latency and support for just 1 million concurrent connections. For the Content Delivery Network that the Cisco devices front-ended, this was an unacceptable solution. 

To address these shortcomings, Jaguar evaluated the latest Cisco ACE product line, along with competing solutions from Brocade and A10 Networks - running in Direct Server Return (DSR) mode. The evaluations showed that the A10 ADCs' DSR results were far superior to the competition. The A10 ADC appliances were the only 64-bit system evaluated, offering scalability starting at 32 million concurrent sessions in the entry level platform, versus the 1 million sessions provided by the existing Cisco CSM equipment...