Client & Case Study

Client case study description is a local search engine that connects search technology, community and content by developing niche-specific portals tailored for distinct searching communities, delivering a focused, useful and rewarding search experience. One of its key portals,, is a business-to-business (B2B) portal that empowers a broad distribution network for its advertisers, helping businesses connect with consumers and grow their bottom line by conveying meaningful, revenue-generating search results. Both are divisions of IT Interactive Services, Inc., a private Canadian media incorporation headquartered in Halifax, Nova Scotia. has 20 million business listing records with 170,000 unique visitors a month, and growing at 34-40% per month. In addition, has partnerships with companies such as Yahoo! and City Search to pull in sponsored search links with these partners. has 2 billion search requests on a monthly basis. Two datacenters run both web sites for redundancy.