Client & Case Study


Client case study description

Gamania Digital Equipment, headquartered in Taiwan with 650 employees, is a leading online game provider, which develops, publishes and co-publishes on-line games. Founded in 1995, Gamania has grown from a handful of gaming enthusiasts to a multinational organization that continuously delivers a first-class online gaming experience to many thousand users daily. 

For the past five years, Gamania has leveraged application delivery controllers (ADCs) to enhance its online Web gaming application services. This includes load balancing and application acceleration for value-added services, such as downloading patch files and access to online games. In 2008, Gamania expanded its operations to deliver increased services to its users, which required more ADCs to be added to its continuously growing network. 

For its data center and operation expansion project, Gamania had several options for the new ADCs. The first was to purchase additional BIG-IP load balancers from F5, its incumbent provider. The second was to evaluate alternatives to see if there are better solutions in the industry. For this option, Gamania evaluated Citrix's NetScaler and A10 ADCs. During the proof of concept (PoC) period, A10 Networks' new-generation ADCs demonstrated superb performance, flexibility and scalability, which outshined competitors. As a result, Gamania selected A10 ADCs for its expansion project...