Client & Case Study

GAIN Capital

Client case study description

GAIN Capital Holdings, Inc., a global provider of online trading services specializing in foreign exchange (forex) and contracts for difference (CFDs), offers award-winning trading solutions for customers and partners in more than 140 countries. GAIN Capital operates, one of the best-known brands in the global retail forex industry.

In response to increasing customer demand, GAIN Capital sought to optimize the applications that support its popular trading platforms 24/7. GAIN uses Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs) to provide server load balancing for its trading applications, which supply live market rates, streaming news and real-time account information. 

These applications are business critical so instant failover in the event of an outage is necessary. GAIN's existing ADCs were struggling to keep up with the increased demand. GAIN also discovered that one of the factors contributing to its SSL performance restrictions was due to the need to switch to larger more secure 2048-bit security certificates. A 2048-bit certificate size can account for an additional 3 to 7 times impact in performance over a 1024-bit certificate. GAIN Capital needed to refresh its existing ADCs to increase performance while maintaining a consistent user experience to its clients.