Client & Case Study

Excite Japan Co., Ltd.

Client case study description

Excite Japan Co., Ltd. provides various portal services, such as "Excite" and "Beauty Navi" that have been steadily attracting more users - and an application download service for smartphones with a large number of downloads recorded. The portal service operates as its core business, so Excite must offer a comfortable interface to users, and operate a stable network infrastructure to support it. Excite addresses several business issues in order to run a stable infrastructure. "DDoS attacks targeting the websites of public offices and organizations, such as SYN flood attacks, have been increasing year by year, so Excite Japan also looks at ways to further reinforce security while maintaining the current performance." 

"As our service expands, unexpected traffic loads may occur, and an increase in traffic is anticipated in the near future. In order to manage this, we sought to reinforce the system by installing a more spacious load balancer in terms of performance." Simultaneously, Excite Japan considered reinforcing IPv6 support in order to handle a surge in IPv6 clients following the announcement that IPv4 addresses were exhausted in 2011.