Client & Case Study

Deutsche Telekom

Client case study description

Deutsche Telekom is piloting TeraStream, an all-IP network that delivers triple-play and other services from the cloud, as a model for next-generation operator networks. TeraStream also is a proving ground for software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV), as Deutsche Telekom looks to automate and orchestrate cloud services to launch new revenue-generating services and adapt to customer needs more quickly. 

Deutsche Telekom has partnered with A10 Networks to develop a carrier-grade, IPv4- over-IPv6 Softwire solution as a virtualized network function, enabling Deutsche Telekom to differentiate and scale cloud services. A10 Networks' software-based and API-driven architecture, commitment to open standards like OpenStack, and a willingness to create innovative solutions were key to helping Deutsche Telekom develop what is widely regarded as one of the most innovative service provider networks today...