Client & Case Study


Client case study description

Cyso, founded in 1997 and based in Alkmaar in the Netherlands, is a well-established reputable Internet Service Provider (ISP) and Managed Hosting Provider delivering Engineering Data Management (EDM) and Application Integration solutions. Dedicated to providing its customers with innovative business Internet solutions, Cyso focuses on high performance, security and proven stability for its clients. Over the past 15 years, Cyso has provided fully managed Internet services to industries such as manufacturing, government, healthcare, energy, and telecommunications. Spanning over 50 countries worldwide, Cyso has a rapidly growing client base, serving websites and applications around the globe. 

After evaluating its options, it was clear to Cyso that A10 Networks was able to support the advanced requirements of all its enterprise services with its Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs). A10's no-licensing model is a differentiator in the industry, and F5, the only other competitor to A10 when Cyso was reviewing new vendors, could not match A10's comprehensive no-licensing commitment or virtualization functionality...