Client & Case Study

Client case study description

Online retail is a highly competitive business; with a reliable online customer experience, growing companies such as can strive to hit higher conversion rates as well as a growing loyal customer base. Since deploying A10 ADCs, has continued to grow and gain recognition as one of the most popular online retail sites. A10 ADCs offer the competitive advantage that was looking for to restructure an advanced load balancing solution for its planned advanced hardware-based integration. 

The features A10 ADCs provide are especially ideal for's focus on a premium customer experience; A10 ADCs have proven capable of handling peak traffic times such as holiday shopping, the back-to-school rush and peaks in traffic due to special sale offers and promotions. The reliable and feature rich offering provided by A10 ADCs allow growing companies such as to focus on the customer without the need to worry about the load balancing side of the customer's online experience.