Surgical Multi-Vector DDoS Protection
Ensuring availability of business services requires organizations to rethink how to build scalable DDoS protection that can surgically distinguish an attacker from a legitimate user.
New threat vectors have changed the breadth, intensity, and complexity of options available to attackers. Today’s attacks have evolved, and now include DDoS protection toolkits, weaponized IoT devices, online DDoS services, and more. Established solutions, which rely on ineffective signature-based IPS or only traffic rate-limiting, are no longer adequate. Sign up now for your one-on-one session and watch a demonstration of DDoS Protection with the Thunder TPS.


Lower Risk and Higher ROI

Lower Risk and Higher ROI

  • Reduce OPEX with extreme performance in a small form factor using less power, rack space and cooling.
  • Inspect, stop and redirect traffic without slowing the network.
  • Lower TCO with industry-best 300 Gbps at 440 Mpps hardware acceleration.
Scalable and Integrated

Scalable and Integrated

  • Protect your IPv4 and IPv6 network protocols, allowing you to securely scale-out more data and more devices.
  • Minimize manual efforts with automated mitigation and escalation based on 28 behavioral indicators.
  • Integrate with 3rd parties using a RESTful aXAPI.


  • Unique approach to full-spectrum multi-vector DDoS defense.
  • Distributed detection capabilities within targeted infrastructure, including Thunder TPS, ADC, CGN, and CFW.
  • Fully automated and orchestrated with aGalaxy TPS management platform.

DDoS Protection Features of Thunder TPS

#1 Intelligent Automation

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  • Automated service discovery eliminates cumbersome manual provisioning
  • Always-on adaptive learning provides real-time adaptive traffic learning
  • Proactive Dynamic Attack Pattern Recognition (DAPR) thwart zero-day attacks
  • Progressive five-level mitigation escalation applies the right level of mitigation to prevent collateral damage against users
  • 100 percent REST API coverage - for SecOps, on-box GUI, CLI, or to manage all your TPS devices



#2 Precision

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  • More than 27 tracked traffic indicators to eliminate detection errors
  • Protects legitimate users with progressive five-level mitigation escalation
  • Always-on adaptive learning with protected service discovery
  • Up to 96 million entry class-list (48x the competition) with current, accurate DDoS threat intelligence service of known DDoS weapons
  • Safeguard against subtle Layer 7 attacks such as Slowloris and Torshammer

#3 Performance

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  • Industry’s highest density 220 Gbps 1RU appliance
  • Just one 3RU 300 Gbps with 440 Mpps Thunder TPS provides the DDoS protection of dozens from the competition
  • 6Mfps flow-based detector (22x the competition)
  • Up to 3,000 protected zones (15x the competition)
  • 128M concurrent tracked sessions (7x the competition)
  • Cluster up to eight Thunder TPS models to boost capacity to 2.4 Tbps




#4 Integration

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  • Distributed detection capabilities throughout the infrastructure, including Thunder TPS, ADC, CGN, and CFW
  • Open RESTful aXAPI®
  • Integrate with tools such as tcpdump or Wireshark
  • Export packet statistics using sFlow and NetFlow based protocols
  • Share logs with the industry standard Common Event Format (CEF)

Customer Story

CASE STUDY: Layer 3 Creates New Revenue Stream

Layer 3


Layer 3 was seeking a cost-effective way to offer DDoS protection as a service. Layer 3’s clients required on-demand DDoS prevention they could spin up during crucial timeframes without the restrictions of annual licenses or the burden of continual charges.

The A10 Solution

Layer 3 chose Thunder TPS 4435 for its cost-effectiveness and high-performance. Its integration features allowed them to build DDoS defense on-demand. Layer 3 was able to create a competitive new revenue stream and boost client satisfaction.

Ultimate DDoS Protection with Cloud Scrubbing Service

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On-premises DDoS protection alone may not mitigate a large volumetric attack. Protect your organization when attacks grow past your bandwidth capacity. Offload mitigation to a terabit-scale service for large volumetric attacks.

DDoS Monitoring & Defense Management

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View a dashboard of DDoS attacks in real time. Streamline monitoring and management for up to 20 Thunder TPS devices. Consolidate all management tasks into a single pane of glass to simply apply consistent policies across all your DDoS devices.


Thunder TPS Hardware Configurations

Wide variety of deployment models to fit any data center.

  • Throughput: 5 Gbps – 300 Gbps
  • Mitigation Performance: 4 Mpps – 440 Mpps
  • Monitored Sessions: 2 Million – 128 Million

Virtualized Thunder TPS Software

vThunder, the virtualized Thunder TPS, offers a flexible, easy-to-deploy appliance featuring advanced on-demand services for any data center.
Supported hypervisors:

  • VMware ESXi 5.5 or higher
  • Microsoft Hyper-V on Windows Server 2008 R2 or higher

Thunder TPS Specifications

Deployment Models


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