CGNAT deployment options
IPv6 translation options

A10 AX CGN product line of Carrier Grade Networking gateways provides high-performance, highly transparent address and protocol translation services for service providers to extend their IPv4 network connectivity, while simultaneously making the transition to IPv6. AX CGN is our original CGN product line, delivering performance scalability up to 115 Gbps. The AX CGN product line is built upon our Advanced Core Operating System (ACOS®) platform, with our Symmetric Scalable Multi-Core Processing (SSMP) software architecture that delivers high performance for enterprise and carrier networks.

  • Extend IPv4 connectivity: Today's networks may be prepared to scale bandwidth capacity, but the rapid proliferation of Internet-connected devices has depleted the available IPv4 address space. Service providers, as well as enterprises, have to meet the demand for connectivity expansion, but an immediate transition to IPv6 is not a realistic option. Carrier Grade NAT (CGN/CGNAT) enables customers to extend connectivity with standards-based IPv4 translation, preserving their existing IPv4 address allocation and their investment in IPv4-based infrastructure. CGNAT allows organizations to extend the lifetime of the current IPv4-based infrastructure, save cost and gain time to plan their IPv6 transition strategy. 
  • Broad transition options: The AX CGN product line provides a wide choice of technologies that enable a smooth transition to IPv6 networks and devices as they are deployed. The IPv6 transition technologies ensure that an organization's applications and users can connect to the entire Internet, regardless of what IP version is used. There are many IPv6 transition technologies, which allow customers to serve different IPv6 network transition needs simultaneously. Interplay between the transition technologies on a single high-performance platform allows for cost-effective transition. 
  • Application reliability: The AX CGN product line provides high connection reliability by using Application Layer Gateways (ALGs) and other important features to ensure that applications can remain addressable and operate transparently through address translation. High availability (HA) ensures that established sessions are maintained during failover and the end user is unaware that anything has happened. The high reliability of AX CGN provides organizations a cost-effective solution to meet service level agreements (SLAs) and user satisfaction goals.

A10 AX CGN devices enable critical services in efficient hardware- based form factors. The AX CGN product line also ensures that your rack space is used efficiently. The combination of high performance in a small form factor results in lower OPEX through significant lower power usage and cooling requirements.

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